Love At First Tear

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Ch 1: What’s Going On? Who’s There??:

Early in the morning, Sarah woke up to ask her friend about something. She yawned, “Where’re you going this early with this weird hoodie in the morning, Sally? Are you going to do some sport?” Sally patted Sarah’s head smiling, “No. I'm going to an urgent meeting in my company. I’m in a hurry and I want to teach that boss a lesson. It’s so early in the morning! What could be that urgent? He’s turning our lives into hell!! Heh. I’m sorry to leave you this early in the morning like this. I know I told you yesterday to come keep me company, as I felt lonely without my family. I’m terribly sorry to have to leave you now for quite a long time till I get back here, because I’m having trouble in the company and our boss is really upset. I’ll make up for it by buying you delicious food, dear childhood friend. I love you so much! When I told you to come keep me company, you didn’t hesitate to come. That’s why you’re loved in our small childhood gang. You’re the leader.” Sarah hit her shoulder lightly, “Oh don’t say gang! I feel like it’s a group of bad people that way. And leader? That’s a big word! Haha anyway, go to work before you’re late. Go go now.” Sally went out of the apartment, then Sarah went back to sleep. She was on her period, hence she couldn’t sleep well and kept waking up every now and then, her sleep wasn’t sound. “Shit. The second day is hellish! Why didn’t I just reject her request? I’m so tired and I can’t sleep on someone else’s bed, if I’m on my period. The pain doesn’t stop, yet a lot of blood goes down smoothly staining my underwear. I’m afraid her bed will get stained as well. Ahhhh. WHY AM I SO FRIENDLY?? When it comes to my friends, I can’t help but run like an idiot to the rescue. Ahhhhhhh!! She even told me to wear a hoodie to visit her secretly, for her neighbours bother her when she gets many guests, as she works with them in the company. She’s not a prostitute or something, isn’t she? What’s wrong with these people?? It’s her apartment, not theirs to control who can visit her and who can’t! I was even forced to come here invisible to anyone and not to mention that I was to visit her. Ugh! I spent much time on the first day of my period to pick sports clothes for disguising. It was tiring for me, especially when I don’t do sports that much and when I do, I forget to wear the proper clothes!” Sarah tried to get back to sleep, but at that time, failure was her only ally and faithful companion. “It’s only 6 a.m! Everybody is asleep by now. Should I go and kill that demanding boss for her?? Isn’t it Friday? It’s a holiday! Who on earth goes to work on their holiday? Maybe her holiday ain’t Friday. Poor her! All people are asleep by now and no one will wake up before 12 p.m. for Al Jomo’a (Friday) prayer. Ohhh poor Sally, that’s why I don’t like to work for anyone who bosses me around not respecting me being human just like him.” Sarah kept tossing and turning in her bed and got up to take a painkiller, although she sometimes felt afraid of taking too many painkillers or antibiotics. Sarah remembered how one of her friends would care for her when she was sick or on her period, then went to bed, soon after, she heard a noise coming from the balcony of the room next to hers. She panicked, “Hah? No no maybe they’re just some birds. Ohhh if I slept in that room, I’d wake up more frequently because of these stupid birds! Speaking of this, why did Sally give me her room this time? She was usually a clean freak, as she wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her belongings. Maybe because she knew I was tired and as she called me suddenly, then she gave me her cosy comfy room. Ah! What a thoughtful friend! I remember hearing her scream hysterically because of work, thus she didn’t want to disturb my sleep, that’s the reason why she slept in the room opposite to this room not the adjacent one. But if she was busy, why did she call me to keep her company? She barely talked to me yesterday. Ah why overthink this when I’m in need to rest? Okay let’s just sleep soundly now that I’ve taken a painkiller.” The momentary noise disappeared with Sarah’s continuous thoughts, but after minutes of overflowing thoughts, Sarah felt a strong pound in her heart that made her anxious and thought, “What’s this? I feel someone is… Watching me! Huh? What’s going on? Who’s there??” She got out of the bed  and walked slowly and locked the room’s door, then walked backwards slowly and stood beside the bed without making any sound. She saw someone was trying to open the doorknob and when they found it locked, they tried to open the door by force, even hitting the door with their shoulder. Sarah said internally, “Impossible! What’s going on? Is Sally tricking me?? If it’s a prank, then it’s not funny!! If it’s not a prank, I can’t risk staying still like this! This person knows I am or Sally is here. Does he know something valuable is hidden here? Or maybe he knows I’m here! Why does someone want to get me?? No way! Is that person aiming for... Sally? What should I do??”



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Edited: 12.07.2019

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