Marriage Rights: Billionaire's Forgotten Wife

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Chapter 1: Dirty little secrets

"Hey! What are you all doing there?!" Yu Qiao called out to the bunch of students huddled over a very familiar locker area. They are surely surrounding someone that he is very much familiar with. Again!

Yu Qiao released Zang Fei hands and furiously darted towards the students, that immediately backed off, avoiding him by running away. He can only glare at the coward college students. 

"Mo Lihua are you ok?!" Zang Fei exclaimed, "Yu Qiao look!" Her finger pointing at Mo Lihua's face that is almost covered with pink powder. That also goes with her hair. 

Yu Qiao clenched his fist. He really wants to run after the group of college students that are acting like a bunch of kids, bullying someone who is not even bothering them. 

He grabbed a small towel from his backpack and used it to wipe Mo Lihua's face. On a normal basis, he would not care, but Mo Lihua is like a sister to him. 

"Brother Qiao, please let me do it." Mo Lihua whispered softly as she tried to grab the towel from him. "It will dirty your hand…" she added when he ignored what she initially said. 

"Stand still!" Yu Qiao seethed. He really wants to catch the insolent cowards or probably report them. It would be too easy to kick them out of the University if Mo Lihua will just allow it. "Why are you so stubborn? Huh?" he asked as he gritted his teeth. 

Mo Lihua, of course, understood what he means, "Less than a month left. All this will be over. Do not worry." She whispered with assurance. 

A hand suddenly grabbed the towel from him, "Let me do it for you. Mo Lihua is a girl after all. You cannot wipe her face like that. You are too rough." Zang Fei cut Yu Qiao off before he can further complain, "We will go to the girl's restroom." She added, giving him a reassuring smile. 

Yu Qiao nodded and tried to relax. He watches Zang Fei held Mo Lihua by the arm and gently guided her to the girl's restroom.  

He is confident that Mo Lihua will be fine as he would never expect that after the door was closed to the girl's restroom, his suppose kind girlfriend will show a different face. 

After confirming that they are alone in the bathroom, Zang Fei immediately grabbed Mo Lihua's hair roughly to the point of almost tearing her scalp. 

"How dare you let Yu Qiao clean your ugly face? Huh?" Zang Fei questioned, whispering to make sure that no one else can hear them. 

Zang Fei used the towel from Yu Qiao to still clean Mo Lihua's face but so rough it hurts, cheeks are getting red, her long nails scratching to her face that will surely leave a mark later. 

Mo Lihua winced in pain as she glares at Zang Fei. She grabbed that hand that is holding her hair and roughly remove it even though she would feel more pain from doing so before moving away from the crazy two-faced woman. 

"I am already ugly. No need to dirty your hand." She muttered sarcastically. "I will clean my own face just like what Brother Qiao is expecting. You will pretend that I do not exist here, or anywhere. Sounds fair?" Mo Lihua uttered indifferently as she tried to clean the pink powder using water and tissue from the bathroom. 

Zang Fei smirked, "Oho! You have guts now?" she asked. "What? You are not afraid anymore? Don't get cocky with me. I might suddenly decide to blurt out your dirty little secret." She continued mockingly. 

Mo Lihua gritted her teeth, facing Zang Fei indignantly, "What else do you want? Aren't the bullies enough?" It was not always the case for her. But when Yu Qiao started to date a pretty deceitful snake, her college life turned to worse. This the case for her for more than three months now. 

The sad part, she cannot tell anyone about it. It was a very long talk with Yu Qiao before he agreed to shut up and just try to help her endure the unfortunate incidents as much as he can. 

Mo Lihua knows that it was hard for Yu Qiao to just watch and not fix the problem completely. Less than a month. Twenty-one days. Exactly 493 hours left before she can officially graduate. 

"Of course not. You are still lurking around my boyfriend. I want you to completely disappear." Zang Fei uttered looking folder her arms over her chest as she stares at Mo Lihua with disdain. 

Then Zang Fei snorted, "You are too ugly to be even around us." she said as she looked down at Mo Lihua from head to foot. 

"Fine. I will stay away from you guys." Mo Lihua she compromised. If it will make her life easier, why not. Even if she does not want to be controlled by anyone, there are really limited choices. One is to endure and then the other is to kill Zang Fei in her dreams.


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