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An Unexpected Message

Five of Wands. Seven of Swords. Tower. Gabriela Munoz stared in disbelief at the three pieces of tarot cards she placed on top of her white marbled table. She took a glance of the view from her bedroom window, it was splendid. Towering pine trees along Leon Wood Road were visible and the ambiance was perfect for work and meditations. It was her favorite spot for personal tarot card reading. However, today was a different story. She felt the world turned upside down. She reached for the blue-colored pen on top of the brick-layered mantle shelf and placed it beside her work file notebook. She moved the wooden chair she had been sitting - a little bit more to the left side. She gazed at the window and closed her eyes. She took three deep, long breaths and began a little prayer, “I surround myself with the white light of love and divine protection…” and minutes later, connected with her spiritual guides. As she was staring at the cards, a cold, gentle breeze  softly brushed her face, arms and neck. Her hands felt clammy and had goosebumps all over. Gabriela knew the windows inside her bedroom were all closed. Had they been opened, there was no way the wind rushed around her without getting her papers and her hair in disarray.The goosebumps lasted for a while but she got used to it by now. Instead, she concentrated on the images and the messages she was getting. Deep into her meditation, her body swayed slowly back and forth. Her head felt heavy now and throbbed like it was about to burst. She leaned back on her chair and saw swirling motions of different hues and shapes: red, yellow, orange, blue and indigo colors - like the reflections of changing patterns she saw when she peeked through the eyehole of her favorite kaleidoscope toy she used to play. Sometimes the colors were darker, then became lighter and turned dark again. The images changed shapes and colors. The movements never stopped. She experienced heart palpitations. Repeatedly, she was forced to breath in heavily from her diaphragm and out through her nose to ease the pain from her chest. Then, her breathing settled into a slow, deep, rhythmic motion. At this moment, Gabriela felt she was floating in the middle of the sea, but in reality, she was inside her cramped bedroom and remained seated in her chair for a very long time.

She heaved a sigh of relief, but still disappointed. The cards were not as favorable as she had expected them to be. Instead of a positive and light message, she pulled out a negative tarot combination. She channeled the messages and wrote down the first three words related to the cards she pulled out a while ago.

Conflict. Deception. Destruction.

Good luck to that,” Gabriela said apprehensively.

She was deeply troubled about it. She could not settle her mind because of the recent turn of events in her personal life, despite using her most treasured tarot deck for good vibes - the classic Rider Waite. It was given as a present by her late grandmother on her twelfth birthday. It was an old family tradition of tarot readers to hand down a used deck to the first born child in the family, in order to preserve the legacy, unleash the magical energies and wisdom of the cards. It seemed today, her lucky charm had faded away from its former glory. She stopped for a moment, and waited for a cue from the angelic spirits. Then, she continued channeling the messages …

A chaotic situation is looming on the horizon. A fight, disagreement between you and others. It is either caused by a deception or a cunning behavior of a person or group of people who acts in sneaky manner, with hidden agendas, or to take advantage. Somebody is afraid of commitment and responsibility. Running away is the best option. These things will lead to a tower moment – big changes might happen, a falling out, a destruction of a relationship between two people, among family members or friendship or even co-workers. This is only an advice. You stll have to make your own choice. Act accordingly.

She breathed heavily after she finished writing like she briskwalked down to the village market for thirty minutes on Saturdays. Natharie came into the bedroom, in time for Gabriela’s question.

“What could be worst than these, Nathu?,” Gabriella asked while looking at the tarot cards and tapping her fingers on the table.

She turned around to look at Natharie, who pretended to be busy reading a book and said, “Nathu,I was not expecting these cards to come out, not when I needed something positive to cheer me up. What could have gone wrong?”

Natharie smiled but didn’t say a word. She continued reading while comfortably sitting with her legs crossed, on top of Gabriela’s old wooden Castillian four-poster bed situated at the right corner of the room.

“Hey, Nathu, are you even listening to me?" cried Gabriela. Natharie stopped reading and raised her head up and replied,

“Yes, I heard you." She continued talking, “You see, Gabriela, the cards are just guides, for heavens sake. Your fate was not sealed because you happened to pull out three off vibe cards. Clarify it with your spiritual guides . Ask them now, quick!," demanded Natharie.

“Nathu, do you think my guides are some  911 guys you call on the phone for immediate response? It doesn’t work like that. My present energy was reflected in the cards,” replied Gabriella.

Natharie closed the book that she’s reading and looked at Gabriela with approval. “Okay, if you think the cards resonated with you then, so be it.

She walked towards Gabriela and said, "Whatever messages they are giving you right now, count it as a blessing. They were giving you a heads up,“ explained Natharie.


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