Never apart?

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Aakrithi POV:

While I'm in my own dream land, something suddenly started disturbing me...I groaned and covered myself completely in duvet.Suddenly ,it is removed and something,no no some person climbed upon me..I opened my eyes to see who the person was ...and can't control my anger...

"Hey !Mahi ,why are you disturbing me in the morning itself??!!"I asked my one and only little brother,Mahendra ,2 years younger than me, studying final year.

"Oh! Good morning to you too sis!"he replied grinning which annoyed me more.

"Don't irritate early in the morning..Tell me the reason ,what do I owe you for your greatful presence, my dear brother",I sarcastically told him..

"Oh I already told you,I came here to greet my lovely sis ,Is it that wrong?",he asked innocently..

"Stop irritating me ,you idiot!",I stood up from my bed and glared at him..

"Oh,what are brothers for sis?, Obviously, irritating sisters..I'm doing my best to fulfil my duty...",he said smirking and threw a pillow at me.

"Ahhh !! you don't know what you got into...I 'll show..", before I complete sentence, another voice cut me off say-

"Krithi!!! fresh up and come down stairs, break fast is ready ",my mom ,Avanthika called me.

"Coming,mom",I glared at Mahi and replied mom.I immediately did my bath,and went down stairs.

There already,my dad,Chandra shekar and Mahi are sitting at dining table and started eating.When my dad saw me coming,

"Good morning princess!!",he wished.

" Good morning, dad"I replied with a smile.

"Dad! This is unfair!why are referring her as princess?",my brother started whining.

"Because, I am Princess.Isn't it obvious?",I replied smirking at him.

" No,in your dreams.I'm the prince of the house.Mom,dad loves me much more than you..",he replied.

"Ok! stop your fighting and let's start eating guys...the food is getting cool.",my mom said coming from kitchen.This is my family. Though ours is middle class,we live happily and I love them..

I stuck my tongue at Mahi,and started eating .I love food so much.
I love ice cream...Simply, you can say I love eating.

After that ,I went to my room and closed door. After watching Korean drama,"descendents of the sun",for 1 hour,my brother came inside.

"Sister,do you need anything?",he asked.

I suspect something is fishy with his behavior .Ok, let's find out...

I raised my eye brow and asked my devil bro,"What do you want,Mahi?"

He shrugged and replied,"nothing,I just wanna check on you.That's all!"

" Ok!get straight to the point..,.Mahi"

"You have to do a small favor.Please
assist in my assignment",he asked me in a requesting tone.

" Oh!! that's all this is about...why do I have to help you whe you always trouble me?", I asked him raising a brow.

"Please sis,this one time... please, please..'."

"Ahh!ok..ok..but this one time,.."

"Yes, thank you so much,sis".

After that, I helped him with assignment.In that way,my weekend day completed . Tomorrow,I have to go to office again....

I slept peacefully that night..

****** ****** ****** ****** ******

"Krithiii!wake up, else you may get late to work...",my mom called me .

I groaned and did my routine ,and went down stairs. After finishing breakfast ,I went to office on my scooty,my baby...

"Hi,Krithi, good morning!",my bestie since childhood, Sruthi called me.

"Hey! what's up!"

"You know , from today onwards,we have new team leader for the upcoming project...",she said excitedly.

"Ohh....", that's all I said.

"Yeah! I'm so excited.."

"Where is Sashi? I didn't find him", I asked her.

Sashank is my other team mate and close friend of mine.

"That idiot just went outside to waste time.. lazy fell-",

"Hey girls!",came behind us, none other than Sashi.

"Hi..", I greeted.

"What are you talking about in the morning,it must be about me.. Isn't it Sruthi?",he replied smirking.

"Oh, it's nothing, I'm telling her how irritating, annoying, senseles-" she cut off by him.

"Oh,oh stop. I understand. But one thing is, I am nothing compared to you..",he said.

Ok.I should stop them now.Otherwise, I don't know what may happen.

"Youuu!!-", Sruthi started, but I cut her off before the situation going far saying,

" Hey guys, stop it!why are you always fighting over simple issues. By the way Sashi,where did you go?"

"Oh,we are going to work under new leader ,so I bought a bouquet since I have sense unlike some one.."he said pointing Sruthi...She rolled her eyes.
These guys... That's why,I love them.
They always stay by me during thick and thin..

After one hour:
"Hey! Krithi! You are going to welcome new team leader. Take this bouquet ,and let's get to the entrance", Sruthi came.

I sighed and went with her.I took bouquet and got ready to invite the so called team leader..

When someone is coming inside,I put on my best smile to invite.I took a step forward and the sight before me made my smile gone ...

I looked at him shocked and can't believe my eyes.I looked over Sruthi,she is also in same state. Her expression is hilarious.In normal situation,I would have laughed at her, but not now...

The person in front of me looked at me and exclaimed

"What are doing here?",I asked him in serious tone..

"I should be the one to ask that question,how dare you to be here?",and he took a step forward....

Oh God, not again....

This is my first time ,so please sorry if any mistakes are there..
I tried my level best...

Thank you for reading...😘

Yamini Tankasala

Edited: 19.08.2019

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