Pirate:song of the Sea

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Prologue: Deep Down Memories

Prologue: Deep Down Memories

Ten Years Ago...

            She was reading her book that late afternoon in the shade of a big tree. Filled with wonder and the persistence to learn new things at her young six-year-old age. But when she saw a boy standing and staring down at her with a gaze of observance she was already distracted.

            “What are you doing in such a place, my lady?” the boy asked with wonder.

            “I’m reading.” The girl replied with her wondering eyes. “Do you not read?”

            The boy shook his head. “A servant like me, my lady? No that’s not possible.” He replied in finality like it was the most efficient answer to the girl’s question.

            She stood up, placed the book down carefully into the grass before approaching the ragged boy and grabbed him by the shoulder. “How about you come and sit with me. I’ll teach you how to read.”

            The boy showed the expression of doubt. “No… I don’t think that’s a good idea, my lady...”

            “Why? Do you have work to do?” the girl asked.

            “I’m already finished feeding the farm animals with my little brother. I guess there’s nothing else except when someone orders me to do something.” He shrugged following the girl on the shade of the tree. “But mind it, my lady. I can’t just let a young girl teach me.”

            “It doesn’t matter. I’ll teach you how to read and write. It’s really fun!” She confidently said. “What’s your name by the way?” she asked.

            “I’m Guillermo, my lady.” He shyly introduced scratching the back of his neck with a ripe face.

            “Guillermo… I’ll call you Gil then. Since it sounds to me that your name is too long. And probably too young to be called with such adult name.” she announced. “And from now on Gil, I am permitting you to call my name.”

            “But my lady, that’s rude for a servant like me to address you like that.” He quickly declined in panic.

            The little girl pouted in disappointment. “Lucid call me casually as he wants. He’s also the same age as you are so why can’t you call me casually too?” She asked. “I don’t understand why we have such a simple call even though it’s this useless.”

            “I think this is how we must show you respect, my lady.” Gil lowered his head. “I’ll be going now then my brother might be— “

            “You’re not going anywhere for this hour. That is an order, Gil. You will sit here and learn something from me. Now, now my servant, are you going to defy your mistress’ will?” Morven asked with a look of satisfaction in her face.

            Gil gave her a look of disbelief. “My lady you’re…” he paused, giving up and just sat with her. “If that’s what you want then.”

            With her victorious demand, the girl quickly gave him a thick book which she had been reading before. “This is a picture book my uncle had given to me as a gift. And every word here is easy for beginners like you and me. From now on, after you’re done with your work load, come to this shade and I will teach you what I’ve learned from my tutors. In that way, you and me will be learning things together.”

            “T-thank you…” he awkwardly responded and came to open the page of the book. “Why do you want me to learn, my lady?”

            “Nothing in particular. I think I just need a study buddy and a friend.” She seriously replied.

            “F-friend?!” Gil’s voice rose up dramatically as he turned to the girl beside him. “I-I don’t seem to fit that role for you, my lady!”

            “It’s not a role. It’s something natural for every people to have. Lucid had announce his departure yesterday. His father had told him to continue his studies to the other side of the map since it was something with higher value of education there. But I don’t care about how high standards and luxury are there, rather I felt sad that he has to leave.” She looked down sadly known for her reason that she had lost her only friend.

            For months, Gil finally learned how to become a friend to the mistress he was serving in that manor. Her sadness and passion for studies didn’t stayed, but it changed, her studies were done just before she could begin her studies and will come into the tree to play with her new found friend…

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