Project E: Miracle of Time

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00 Prologue: Captured

(Beginning of lies)


My mother used to advise me that every time I'd run into some stranger, I should run my way into the forest and hide myself near the big tree with an X mark on it. In that way, I would find my way home safe and sound. She never missed her advice day by day before she serves my breakfast and head to school. Usually she would prepare sandwich and while she slices the cheese she would speak...

"Lucrylia, don't forget to walk towards the seventh street okay. In that way, those men in platinum suitcase won't chase after you. And seventh street is also near the forest so that you would lose them easily."
And I would complain about the advice as usual. "Oh please mom, seventh street is so far from here. I can't live forever walking to seventh street. It’s so far away."

But she would just smile about that and pinch my nose before she caressed my cheek. "Honey, I don't want to lose you again, so please just obey your mother okay?" She would whisper softly.

With no defense about her soft and motherly voice, I would just nod and eat my breakfast.

But now, I couldn't follow her instructions anymore because I ran off to a lot of them. They were all in gray suit, hanging in their left hands were platinum cases that gave me a lot of chills in my spine.

Mother used to say that once I get passed these kind of men, I should run away or else they might abduct me away from her. She explained how cruel these men would do that it made me froze now in fear of where I stood.

Those people were surrounding me, giving me no escape route to run off to if I ever wanted to run away.

"Sir, its confirmed. We found a young Omegian." One man said as he talked over his phone. He had pauses for a minute until he nodded and replied "Yes sir." before he ended his phone call as he gave a signal to his other comrade.

"Omegian, I would advise you to come with us with no further resistance." He said.

"I'm sorry sir but I won't!" I said back.

After giving that signal, I was left with no choice but to disobey my mother in this set. And for the third time, I used my power to run away. soon that I got away towards our house, I disengaged my power before continuing to run away.

I dashed towards our house until I was facing the open door where my mother usually stood. However now, she wasn't there at all. I felt nervous as I slowly walked over the open door. Inside there was dark and unimaginably scary room that I couldn’t recognize as my own home anymore. I could imagine dark smokes coming out of the shadows and the door was creaking close in front of me. But I ran towards it to prevent it from closing and when I slammed it back to open, I smelt something sweet, something dreamy and delusional.

Slowly I felt daze over the sweet smell.

Making me kneel into the ground. But upon resisting the aroma, I could see someone coming towards me inside the open door. Someone who holds something from his hands. On the right was a platinum case and on the left was... A freshly severed head of my mother. Anger and fear conquered me inside before my head totally hit the floor with my unconscious head.

Run away...

Don't stop...

Don't get tired...

Freedom is ahead of you...

I will guide you back here Luc, soon... Very, very soon...

I woke up to find myself lying in a metal bed where my arms and legs are all shackled. With this scenery that automatically registered down to my mind I began to make a huge panic as I tried to struggle from the shackles that pins my arms and legs.

"Let me out!" I screamed as I pull my arms hopelessly.

Over my panic, I didn't see that I was actually surrounded by white sheets and the room was all blindly white.

Then the door opened up. A door I never noticed that was there not until the light had entered. Then a man in his white lab coat entered with a girl beside him. He was in his mid-thirties, with a clean cut hair and well shaven beard. He hid his eyes in his thick circular glasses and had his good body built.

The woman beside him caught my notice. She is in her twenties I assume. Her wrinkles were hardly seen with her pale skin, her thin body fits her circular face, and her eyes, green bright eyes kept me sealed.

It was beautiful.

But her green eyes weren't looking into my eyes the same, but she was staring at the shackles that had me pinned.

"She's an Omegian? How interesting. How long have she been cowering around mankind?" The man in a lab coat asked.

"She has been roaming around town unnoticed as an Omegian for eleven years now. Oh my god! Her death certificate was issued when she was five." The lady reported surprised as she looked at her papers.

"So, you're just sixteen." The man in his lab coat nodded. "One of the youngest case of Omegian encountered. Interesting."

"Please let me out!" I shouted as he grabbed his syringe putting up a blue fluid to its content. I began to breath heavily now over the panic I feel. "Let me out!" I shouted again.

"Forgiveness darling but the government would say a 'no, no' over that. But don't worry, I'd let you out soon as I've given you this little magic of ours." He said as he made the syringe closer to my wrist.

"Wait, what's that?! Don't do this to me please!" I closed my eyes shut when I felt the needle pressed inside my skin. It was awfully painful as I felt the fluid entered and dashed inside of my veins, joining the rush within my blood. A painful sensation that made me stifled.

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