Queen of My Heart

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Chapter One

“I think that will be all for today Gabriel. I have to head home now. You know Alessandra will not go to bed without me.” Ronald said as he stood up from the chair behind his desk and started arranging the files on the desk.



He was trying to sort out the document he will take home for the weekend to work on and the ones he will leave in the office.



“No problem about that. I think we've done everything on our to do list. Jemma must be worried about me too.” Gabriel replied.



“Then you better get your ass off that chair and don’t keep that pregnant lady waiting.” Ronald reasoned.



“You’re right bro. See you on Monday. My regards to Alessandra.” Gabriel said as he stood up and gave Ronald a goodbye hug.



“My regards to Jemma too, probably we will show up at your place this weekend.” Ronald said.



“I’m sure she will appreciate that.” Gabriel grinned as he walked out of Ronald’s office.



Ronald Gidwani is a successful Business man. He's not the richest in the country but you will surely find him among the top six. He’s a single father to his adorable six year old daughter, Alessandra.



Ronald's father passed away two years ago which leaves him with his Mom, his younger sister Elena, Alessandra, his daughter and Gabriel his best friend.




Being the CEO of a Telecom company is not an easy task but Ronald finds his way around it. Thanks to him being a hard worker.




Ronald was sure as hell that Alessandra, his daughter will still be awake even though its just few minutes to nine. She was used to him reading her a bedtime story. Hence, she will not go to bed without him tucking her.



Ronald was not used to staying late in the office. Today was an exception because he had so much to do.



Besides that, it has been raining all day. The rain got heavier in the evening and it wouldn't be a good idea to drive in that kind of weather.




As the CEO and founder of his company, Ronald had the finest, biggest and most expensive office in the building.



After sorting out the document, he kept the ones he will be taking home inside his brown leather brief case. He reached for his phones and kept them in his pocket, then walked out of his office.



Instead of using the elevator he decided to take the stairs because it had a short cut to the underground parking lot.



He reached the parking lot almost immediately and walked towards his car which was parked on the space reserved for the CEO.



The parking lot was quiet except for the noise from the drops of water coming from the sky. It was still raining but the rain was not as heavy as it was few hours ago.



Ronald dismissed his driver when he figured out he was going to stay long in the office. So he had no choice but to drive himself.



He hopped into his car, transferred his briefcase to the backseat, started the engine and drove out of the parking lot.



There’s this short cut Ronald and his driver like using but today he felt like taking the longer route home.



Ronald noticed most shops had closed and even the road was kind of empty which is very strange. ‘Perhaps its because of the rain.’ Ronald said to himself.



The traffic light turned green and Ronald was about to drive on when something caught his attention. It was raining outside so everything was kind of Blur. But He could see a lady lying down on the ground with a small girl who should not be more than three kneeling beside the lady. It was as if she’s forcing the grown up lady to wake up.



Ronald shook his head and drove off. It was none of his business anyway. He continued driving towards his house but could not shake off that scene from his head. The young lady lying on the ground with the little girl with tears in her eyes.



Ronald sighed as he reversed and drove towards were he had seen them. He parked close and removed his jacket, placing it in the front passenger seat. He remembered having an umbrella in the trunk of his car so as soon as he came down from his car, he quickly went to where it was and picked up the umbrella and set it up as he approached the people he came to help.



“Mama, I’m scared. Please wake up.” Ronald heard the little girl say in tears as she kept on shaking the lady to wake up. Both the little girl and her mom were soaked due to the rain.



“Hey.” Ronald said as he crouched towards the little girl.



“Mama.” She said as she pointed towards the lady on the ground with more tears falling from her eyes.



“It’s okay. Your mama will be fine. We have to get her to the hospital.” Ronald said in a loud voice because the rain was getting heavier.


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