Rejected Love

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Chapter-1: Rejection Pain

** A group of teen boys were walking down the road. There were six boys. Each having great fun from the party they had just presented to their dearest friend Kane on his eighteenth birthday that night. Now, they were returning back to their homes after spending a marvelous time together. They were nothing like other boy gangs. They all were best friends, in fact more like brothers. But no one knew what was going to happen next.

It was about 12 at night and the route back to their home was quiet and deserted. But they had nothing to worry about, as long as they were together. They were laughing and cracking stupid jokes on each other, when a man in a black hood suddenly appeared in front of them. They all startled from the sudden appearance of the stranger.

"Hey man! Do you need any help?" Sandy, the oldest one in the boys stepped forward and towards the mysterious man. The man lifted his head up toward the boys, so that now his glowing blood shot red eyes were on view. As soon as Sandy saw those horrifing eyes, he took frightening steps back and as well as the other boys. But it was too late, as two more men had come from behind the group of boys and had snapped the neck of the two boys already, who were at the edge of the circle of now frightened boys.

Heads of the other four boys turned towards the now lifeless bodies of their pals as tears brimmed the edge of their eyes and adrenaline rushed through their veins.

"What are you guys?" Sandy cried out in utter terror, as the other three boys saw the evil smirk appearing on the face of the mysterious man.

"Your death!" The man, in the front, smirked and lunged for Sandy, whilst the other two vampires caught the other two boys and sank his fangs in their necks in a beat of heart. Now the only one left was Kane and he didn't know what to do. Tears were rolling down his face, as he saw the vampire, who was going to be his death, now coming towards him.

The vampire gripped him from his throat and brought him near his mouth to sank fangs in his neck and quench his thirst of blood. But at the same time another man shouted from some distance.


The vampire, who had gripped Kane from his neck, loosened his grip and faced the other man. A smirk was appearing on his evil face as he looked at the unwanted guest.

"Oh Bryson! What a pleasant surprise? Are you also here for hunt?" The vampire inquired with an amused expression on his face. The man, whose name was Bryson, clenched his jaw tightly to control his anger which wasn't helping by seeing the bastard in front of his eyes. Bryson said through gritted teeth. "Leave the boy alone!"

With that the vampire who was holding Kane, grinned and said. "Try me then!" And with that, he sank his elongated fangs in his neck and extreme pain spread throughout his body. **
(End of Dream)

I woke up with a jerk on my bed, breathing heavily. My hairs were messed up as my eyes were giving the darkest shade of red, probably with the anger and agony. Again that dream. The nightmare.

Yes, Nightmare! It was a memory, in the form of a nightmare of that night when I lost everything, my friends, my family and even my life.

You must be thinking that, if I have lost my life, then how am I telling you this. Well basically, I'm a vampire now. A strong, but alone vampire, who have nothing to lose and the people who have nothing to lose, are the most dangerous beings.

I hate weak and pathetic beings, because once I was also one of them and that's why I have been punished and lost everything.

Yes! Being an immortal is considered as a punishment. To live for eternity, but no one besides you!
To see every beloved one dying, but not being able to promise them that you will see them again after your own death because you are immortal; to remember their deaths for the eternity. To remember your mistakes and regret them for your never ending life. Seeing flowers getting bloom in spring and then see them fading into nothing.  

But Bryson have told me that every vampire has a mate, who is supposed to live with them for eternity; to fill the loneliness and emptiness in their lives and dead hearts. They are your soul mates, basically your other half. But I don't need a mate. In my opinion, they will only make you weak and pathetic. I don't need anyone! No one!

I reached my side table drawer to take the pills which Stella had given me for sleeping. Stella was a witch and a good friend of mine. As human pills didn't affect vampires, so I asked her to give me some magic pills to get better sleep or probably to not see nightmares? But the drawer was empty, meaning my pills had been finished.

Okay, I will ask her for more in morning. But now I couldn't go back to sleep. I decided to run in the forest to clear my mind from the depressing thoughts. The forest was in front of our house, giving a vivid image of nature's beauty. I changed my clothes and headed out of the house. I started running deep in the forest and then lost the track of time.

I didn't know from how long I had been running in the forest, but out of nowhere, I heard the sound of a loud crash and stopped in my tracks to hear more. Something deep in my heart told me that something really wrong had happenned, like a strong gut feeling which dropped my heart. Suddenly, the smell of blood pickled my nostrils. I didn't waste any other second and immediately dashed towards the source of smell.

Alice Blonday

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