Reminiscia [unedited]

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Please Read Carefully

This world is initially being created in the perspective of an animation. I am currently using Wattpad as a way to express the story that I want to address. So there won't be frequent posts, but there will be posts, I can tell you that.

Quick Note: The story that progresses here is divided into six chapter parts per episode. This means that for every episode in mind, six chapters will follow. The first episode will follow chapters one to six. Episode Two will follow chapters seven to twelve and so on. This book is based upon season One only. More books are to come for Seasons to come!

So if you feel involved in the story, please do not force me for the next chapter. World–building, character development, and a new world altogether do form a very long process.

DISCLAIMER: Also, this book will contain representation of different genders, races, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, mental illnesses, disabilities and (as mentioned in the genre) fantasy world-building. So if you are uncomfortable for any of the above mentioned aspects, please leave now.

I also am trying to experiment with different art types in this story: art, music, dance, theatre and more. So, please bear with me as this takes time.

Thank you for your kindness,

Serdra Gondex.

P.S. Here is how you pronounce their names:

Prím (Preem)
LJ (El-Jay)
Thalith (Thay-lithe)
Rième (Ree-emme)
Vyfde (Fay-eef-duh)
Chhatha (Chutt-thaa) [The Chutt is pronounced like "Shut"]

P.S.S. If you came from the book on the account, "SerdraGondex", that book is cancelled. I lost all information to that account, and now I can't access it. For the continuation of this story, check here!



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