Severed Chains: Abyss (book 3)

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We Were Wrong (Julie)

We Were Wrong.



My name is Julie, and at that time I was twenty years old.

    I was a proud mother of twin boys, Akira and Tobias.

    What else I was, you would likely not believe.

    I was the Archangel Ael, cast down from Heaven and made to suffer a mortal life by the God who created me.

    Well, that was where God had been wrong.

    I was not suffering,

    I was a mother, I was a wife, and I was a well-known artist.

    I had everything I wanted in life... Everything I could ask for.

    Nothing could have been more perfect.

    To my surprise, I was even able to find my parents and rekindle my relationship with them after my lonely childhood.

    Mother even had me help her design outfits for her fashion corporation, Lockhart Bonita.

    Our relationship had gone so well we even got matching tattoos together; Angled black hearts with a keyhole in the middle. We got them on our right cheeks, right underneath our eyes.

    Father was still a little distant because he did not know how to share his emotions well. However, he was still proud of me, and my success in the manga business,

    We would all have dinner together at least once a week, and I would often bring the kids over to visit. My parents loved them so.

    They even approved of Jacob.

    As far as my relationship with him, I could never have been happier.

    Two years prior he did not know what he wanted. He was conflicted and in inner turmoil.

    Jacob knew within him was the great Devil, Beelzebub, the Prince of Hell... Lord of the Flies. It confused him, and he was afraid of hurting us all. Eventually, he learned to control his inner devil, as I had my inner angel.

    Although we hadn’t needed those powers in years.

    It was at that time Jacob began to channel his feelings into writing. He became a writer. A really good one too. A bestseller in fact.

    Jacob wrote about our experiences... everything that had happened.

    It had all started in June of 2083...

    Our lives all changed, and for some of us, ended.

    Gustav, Jacob, Cassie, Majo and myself were all that remained from our original group we had formed the fateful night of the Damnation, June 28, 2083... the night all Hell broke loose.

    Many of our allies had fallen... some even turned against us.

    Demons overtook the Ohio valley, and it was swiftly wiped from the map by the US government. The Damnation was covered up as a viral outbreak. How sad that few really knew the truth.

    We fought that night to survive and escape... Wilshire Coldwell and Lexingly Wakil’s lives were lost, and Fletch Pendrith turned against us and joined the side of the demons and Xeno, the notorious leader of Fate's Hand Cult.

    Somehow the remainder of us made it out, not without injury though,

    A strange old couple known as Gustav, and Sandra Zolomon had helped us to escape... had helped us in more ways than we ever knew possible.

    We wondered why the helped us.... well... we soon found out.

    They had a supernatural book called, Fate.

    It had been stolen from the evil Fate's Hand Cult by Majo and his loyal lieutenants, Wakil and Coldwell.

    Within the book was the past, present, and future.

    A possible future; One that said that the world was going to end.

    Together, we were determined to stop it.

    As a team under the guidance of Gustav and the army of Ragnarok, we took on angels, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, demons, devils, and even Satan brought to Earth.

    Satan, or Takonian, as his real name was, had almost finished us off in that last dreadful battle.

    With the swords of Heaven and Hell, Telum Aether, and Occisor Agustus involved the world began to tremble.

    Ragnarok fought Takonian’s minions and Jacob, and I fought the Lord of Hell.

    Using Occisor Agustus he had even destroyed the mighty heavenly shield, Ancile.

    Majo prevented Takonian from retrieving the sword, long enough for Jacob and I together to break his barrier and pierce his soul with the Holy Sword.

    We defeated him, and saved our world, banishing him back to the Abyss.

As he went he took Valeriana Galanodel and Tina Light with him, and I can’t say they really deserved a fate of such, but that is what they got.

After that day we rested and healed.

So much had happened... Cassie and Majo had a baby which they named Krayko.

Sandra had been stolen from us by the Horseman, Death, destroying Gustav’s will...

He had been cursed with immortality and everlasting pain by the Legion plague from


All in all the events were a never-ending list.

Happy times were ahead though.

Jacob proposed to me and of course, I said ‘yes,' and Majo asked Cassie to marry him as well, so together we had a double wedding.

It was all so amazing.

Our paths were destined to split as Jacob, and I joined Ragnarok in rebuilding Los Angeles,

Jake A. Strife

Edited: 07.11.2019

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