Small World Problem

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An Escort to Royal Palace


The last time a peasant like him had stepped inside the palace was to hear his death sentence. Jack knew this more than anyone else because the person sentenced to death was his friend. 
He saw gold statues of guards standing with shields and spears.
The craftsmen must have had great skills for making so realistic gold statues. 
How has the King got so wealthy all of a sudden? Jack questioned as he continued walking barefoot in the palace. 
He got past a gold parrot which looked as if it would fly.
Perhaps it was scared due to some reason. Even the water was gold.
Jack admired the gold palace from inside. 
Before this day, he had seen it shine in moonlight only. Then he had wondered how King had plated the house with gold overnight.
Keeping his thoughts to himself, he continued his walk by appreciating the gold sculptures. Those statues depicted emotions very well.
Fear, most of all.
The giant door of throne room opened after a simple shove.
 On the end of the massive room, there was the King on his throne. Perhaps he was the most obese person in the kingdom.
As he walked further, he saw gold spoons on the floor. 
Those spoons had shiny yellow food attached on them. Gold grapes rested on lavish floor like marbles. 
Around him were more terrified sculptures. 
Jack bowed down to King Midas, "How may I help you, your highness."
Midas coughed. He was tied in gold shackles and wore gold gloves. 
"I can't eat anything." Helpless King wept, "I can't touch anyone. Everything I touch turns into gold."
"How did it happen, your grace?"
"A bad choice I made. Now am starving to my death." Midas coughed again, "And I am dying as a king who couldn’t even resolve one problem of the realm."
"You shouldn’t be taking the blame on yourself, your grace."
"Blame goes on me. I could have asked God for anything. I could have asked him to kill Goliath but I chose wealth. Now look at me." King mumbled.
"I am sorry, your grace." Jack struggled to show sympathy. Midas had ruined the kingdom for his own progress. The dictator had done no effort in killing Goliath. Midas had not even raised a finger when Goliath had devoured on entire population of two villages. 
"I'd have executed you if I was fine. I was that foolish." King Midas yelled. 
"Somebody told you about my experiments?" Jack was surprised.
"How can I not hear about anything which is threat for my reign?"Your reign will end in this throne, you hag.
"I apologize, your majesty. I will shut the experiment down." Jack started to speak anything which could save him from Midas' wrath.
But he didn’t realize one thing. Midas was scared, not angry.
"Don’t close it. Make him the strongest and smartest man this world has ever seen." Midas muttered, "You were making him to kill me, now make him kill Goliath."
"I'll do my best, your grace." Jack knelt on slippery floor. 
"I want to leave this world with at least one good deed. King Midas – the king who sentenced Goliath to death." Midas began dreaming of quill scribbling on paper, "I don’t have long time to live. I haven’t had a single drop of water for two days. Commander, tell him the rest."
Commander stepped forward to announce, "Remember, you've committed treason by conspiring against King Midas, first of his name. King orders you to kill Goliath before he departs to heaven. If you fail to do this before King's demise then you will be burnt on stake."
"How many days should I expect in my bag?" Jack questioned him.
"You shouldn’t be expecting much."
"Bring King to my house this evening. I will kill Goliath in front of him." Jack made a big promise.
Jack ran and got past the statues. Now he knew what those statues were feeling. 
Fear of being touched by King Midas, first of his name, the ruthless.

By the time Jack reached to his home, he had run out of his breath. His wife Goldie rushed towards him and asked what was wrong with him.
"I was running." Jack said.
"And why?" Goldie removed her blond hair from in front of her eyes.
"I wanted to surprise you with this." Jack took out a gold parrot from his bag.
"Is this gold?" Goldie was surprised. 
"Would I dare to bring bronze for you?" Jack smiled.

After gifting Goldie, he went inside his house and drank some water. He could not imagine how thirsty Midas was right now. 
He drank cup full of water regardless. 
Then he went to the basement for having a look at his masterpiece.
He could feel the heat of boiling cauldron from distance. Jack did not really want to close the door but he was compelled to do it. 
Jack glanced at the boiling water and saw somebody in there. Now his creation looked like a human. 
"All you need now is life, Hansel." Jack said and emptied his bag filled with insects in the cauldron. 
Jack watched the wings of colorful butterflies lose their pigmentation. The feathers of dragonflies melted. Grasshoppers turned brown and the maggots wriggled in bottom of cauldron. 
When the last life in the pot took its last breath, Jack noticed a bubble. 
Then there came more bubbles.
At last the man jumped out of the pot.
"Welcome, Hansel." Jack said and gave him some clothes to wear. 
Later, Jack himself ended up dressing him. 
"Who are you?" Hansel asked him while Jack was tying his shoe laces.
"I am Father Jack. Welcome to our family, Hansel." Jack greeted him with a smirk which spread from ear to ear.
"You made me to be killer of King Midas, didn’t you?" Hansel asked him when he was done with shoes.
"I made you to be everything. Everything I am not."
"What aren’t you?"
"A good father." Jack held the door open for him.

K.R Webber

#197 in Fantasy
#76 in Short stories

Story about: mythology, fairytale, remorse

Edited: 28.09.2019

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