Spoken Lies Broken Ties

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Character Sketch

Rebecca Thomas: She is the only heir of the million-dollar empire, who was a sweet, bubbly, caring girl. She could afford every luxury and fashion in the world but chose to be simple and didn't mind being the school's introvert. But something happens that makes her the complete opposite of the innocent and shy Reb she once was in the past.

Mark Kercher: He is a millionaire, a complete womanizer, arrogant, player, heartless, and selfish. He is too proud of his good looks and money and thinks every girl falls on his feet. He believes every girl is worth not more than a week or two for him.

Kate Cruze: She is Reb's best friend and the daughter of a famous fashion designer who runs her own designer boutique. She has always been a popular girl who is charismatic, charming, lively, beautiful, hot and very fashionable. She is Jim's girl.

Jim Tacker: He is Mark's best friend. His father owns a chain of gymnasiums all around the city. He is a sweet, caring, charming gentleman with good looks and a cute smile. He is a true friend anyone can ask for. He is Kate's boyfriend.

More characters will be introduced as the story will progress.


Edited: 12.09.2019

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