Stories Told to Dead Flowers

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Under a different light

Always need a light for your soul to shine,

always wait for the car to drive you back home.

But what if you were to walk through the dark,

to let the dim light streets guide the way back?

What if you were to be the one lost, with no light,

where no one can see you?


Under a trillion stars,

safe from any harm,

you stood, warm and bright,

afraid that behind you, on your footsteps,

the dark crawled like a disease,

poisoning and murdering, everything, everyone - me.


The light and the dark.

It's almost amusing how right they are for each other.

None can live without the other.

Out of all, there you are, eyes open wide,

smiling and thinking that they somehow could breathe apart,

and no one ever dared telling you how wrong you are.


You are a child of the light.

I am not. I was born out of the ashes

and I walk the earth barefoot

along with the shadows, giving light to those who crave it,

and protecting those whom the sun burns.

I breathe through every drop of rain

step over every nightmare,

and live behind the closed curtains.



I cross every empty street,

floating with every cold breeze.

I don't know if the sun truly burns,

but the blackness does not doom.

Silence is not blind. Loneliness is another friend.


You say you don't fear, but I think it’s another lie,

for the darkness is what you despite.

So, step out of the light for a brief second,

let me show you that there's nothing quieter

than a walk home

Barefoot with me.


Edited: 08.02.2020

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