Tauntlee Adventures: Twin Troubles

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Prologue: A mothers struggle



Our mother died when we were young that is what everyone says, but we already knew that from visions.

- Jill- Greece 2316


A scream rings out as gunshots flash flooding the dark and foggy alley. A man in a trench coat is standing there with a gun at his side smoke lingers in the air. He walks to the woman bleeding on the ground. Her body shakes and pulses, she looks up at her attacker with watery blue eyes, the blood begins to pool around her. "You will regret this." She coughs up more blood as he kneels down beside her.

"What can he do about it? How long has it been since he last visited?" Her body sags as she grabs at her chest. "Well, at any rate, it doesn’t matter because you’re going to die." He raises his gun. He pulls back the hammer of his colt while his finger moves toward the trigger, the five chambers begin to glow. The sound of trash cans rolling on the ground causes him to look away when he looks back she is gone.

Stumbling out into the street in front of a pair of headlights. She falls to the ground with blood-covered hands. While Red and blue lights illuminate the run-down streets. The Ambulance moves closer. the flashing lights reveal that she is lying next to an old bridge. that has fallen long ago now the plants have started taking back the land that was once theirs. She groans as she hears the voices of the men. "I must get aw..." Her voice fades as she struggles to breathe.

A man with short brown hair and green eyes. who is wearing torn blue jeans and an old paramedic shirt with a singed left shoulder rushes over to her. "She has a gunshot wound to her left chest cavity, she’s going into shock." He puts his head down and listens to her slow staggered breaths and the rapid thudding of her heart. "She has a sporadic heart rate and may also have a collapsed lung."

He reaches into a rusty black toolbox with a red cross painted on the side. pulling out a syringe and a vial of red glowing liquid. She coughs up blood as the paramedic stabs the needle into the veil. he pulls the needle back out and flicks the side and pushes the plunger up to get the air out of the needle.

He stabs the needle into her neck and pushes the plunger down as the liquid exits into her blood. her vein starts to glow. The headlights flicker as she jumps with a start. she looks to the medic with fear in her now golden eye, "You must save them or we will all die."

She drops back down on the ground as her eyes fade back to blue, and then roll back in her head. soon her body begins to shake. "That should stabilize you for a minute or two so we can bandage you up."

The driver rushes over with an older looking black leather doctor’s bag. He grabs some rubber gloves and puts them on, he then grabs bandages, gauze and a glass jar with some kind of glowing gel. He unscrews the lid and pulls out a thick glob of ooze, leaning over her he sighs, "Are you ready Jim?" The green-eyed man nods as he grabs a hold of her feet, the driver places his empty hand on her wound. "Here we go then."

He spreads the wound open and rinses it out with some water from a canteen that hangs around his neck. He then spreads the ooze all over the wound, as it sits there it begins to sizzle and pop. She pulls and tugs trying to kick and hit them. she gets one of her feet loose and kicks Jim in the face knocking him to the ground. "Damn, she has some fight left in her for this kind of wound." He rushes back over and holds her down even harder. "If she doesn’t stop fighting and let it set she’s going to die Mac."

Mac reaches into his bag and pulls out a bottle with a faded label and a rag. He pours the liquid on the rag then holds it to her mouth, She soon stops kicking and hitting. The lights on the ambulance begin to flicker again as her eyes open back up. She sits up off the ground. "Save them or we all will die." She falls back into Jim’s arms. They stare at each other, while Mac is the first to snap out and begins wrapping the bandages around her chest.

The lights flicker again and Jim shakes his head, "Jill, I can help you if you clam down." He winks his now golden eyes at her as he touches her shoulder. Her body begins to glow as his hand starts to turn red. Mac falls back toward the ambulance as the tar around the two of them starts to boil. "That should help her for a little while." He looks at Mac then back at Jill “Get the gurney out of the back and let’s load her up.”

Mac stumbles as he tries to get up. "What are you?" He backs away as Jim stands and walks over and lifts the gurney out with one hand and places it on the ground next to Jill.

"I am a Friend; now get her some help before I get angry." Jim’s body sags as his eyes roll to the back of his head.

"What happened to me, Mac?" Jim says as he leans on the gurney to stabilize himself.

"Jim, only God knows." Mac starts to lift Jill off the ground then looks at Jim, “You going to help me get her in the ambulance. Or should we wait for you to freak out again?”

"I'm coming man, give me a second." He takes a deep breath, then hurries over to her legs and helps to lift her onto the gurney.

As they pull away from the alley, the man in the trench coat runs out into the street. Dragging a sword on the ground causing sparks to across the alley, setting a bag of garbage on fire. The flames lick their way to the ruins of a building next to the man. An explosion causes a wall to fall down behind him. the flames spread out across the vine-covered wall, flames dance behind him. He raises his gun and fires, the gun recoils as he pulls the trigger over and over again soon he runs out of ammo.


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