The biggest change

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It was a quiet night Lucia was sitting in the middle of your small room, which was outside the House which her mother rented, was a small room beside the patio back, when I was a girl your room was a room, quite large on the second floor, but after completing the 12 his mother, made the change because the presence of the girl annoyed whenever he wore one of their boyfriends. I meditated for a few seconds in her favorite subject, her boyfriend Jairo, and a bit of nostalgia invaded your soul to remember the day they met. It was summer, a few weeks before going on holiday, Lucia recalls have not felt excited by that, she would not have free time, she would have to search one or more jobs at least, suddenly she reminded Miss Thomson she was very strict and had several weeks of warn you to not continue arriving late, but the girl seemed to not comply with the order until I can be punished, that afternoon would stay in detention

Lucia reached the classroom, Jairo was distracted with a watch which seemed to want to fix, he was frequently punished since not paying attention in class, both are observed for a few seconds, until the young lady takes a seat and begins to pretend to read a book, the girl was silent, not because she was shy, is just that felt comfortable in his solitude, having friends had become unnecessary for her, in the school was almost as a ghost nobody knew of their existence with the exception of the teachers.

-I have to go to the principal's office, they are where they are without talking, I return soon - says the teacher out of the classroom. It took a few minutes of silence, neither of them knew how to break the ice, they were inexperienced young people.

-What's your name? -Jairo question curiously

Lucia takes a big breath - my name is Lucia - exclaims the girl

the boy smiles - why were you punished? You seem not very rebellious, - questions him the young man with a bit of mockery to talk about

Lucia Girds frown, which is why that "does not seem to rebel", who could know him if newly directed him the word -, - says the old - I found with a guy near sports field, so I punished

- Jairo notes it is obvious to the boy that she had not punished her by that and cause you to grace, since he understood that comment that had previously had molested the girl, this outlines a smile - do seriously? -replica, - and what you were doing? Were you having sex? - he says, on way to taunt, more galling to Lucia

- if otherwise not had punished me, if only we had been talking about don't think? -She says in a serious attitude. Then on an absurd urge Jairo rises from his seat, to position itself next to her who sees it almost aghast, this is close to his face, - go - think Jairo this is as impulsive as I've done since, although Lucia seemed cute He had never seen it before.

-What are you doing? -says a somewhat scared Lucia

-I want - says Jairo – you show me what you were doing, when you were punished - this starts to get close to Lucia who is left speechless, is blank her mind and her body does not know how to react, Jairo approaches are more and more until a touch of lips occurs. But noises in the hallway of the high heels of the teacher are an indicator that this is approaching, what makes Jairo of a jump to position itself at his old desk and Lucia to regain the position. –go feat - repeats Jairo on his mind, while Lucia can only observe how the teacher takes her seat, with a book in his hand and starts to read.

The following minutes passed in silence Lucia tries to concentrate and read, so forget about what happened and especially the guy who is on her side. Jairo looks with curiosity to Lucia and his trembling hands denoting that it remains nervous by what happened a few minutes ago. While the Miss Thomson only is dedicated to read as if she wanted to remain something, as if the book was telling her, her own story.

The time go get and Lucia runs off of the living room without even seeing to Jairo says goodbye to the teacher. But clearly not is da has that Jairo is more agile because this is speed and runs until the output where mandatory Lucia has that cross. She is running almost everything what gives turn on several occasions to see back to ensure that the young person will not behind her, without knowing that this is waiting.

-Hello - says Jairo opposite Lucia shocked seeing,

- Hello - repeats her, go that I was nervous, legs started shaking and I felt his sleeping body, - let me go I have to get home - almost beg the girl

the young man gives a huge sigh - can I walk you? -It was the first thing that crossed on his head, with nothing more that tell Lucia gives his approval with a nod.

They start walking, the silence was awkward; but is that, that one could say at that time, was just speak, and already had among them a stream of emotions that even an adult doesn’t know how to handle, and they were just two young people who just experience their first emotions toward another person what may know two teens of what love means and is in their inexpert heads all that was happening was something new and despite being strange and scary, soon would realize the unique and special that may prove to be the first great love.

-do you live far away? -question Jairo looking for a way to break the silence

- not only pass through the Park and just this around my house, you, do not you deflecting much?

-no matter, my house is on the other side of the city, but my aunt lives near the school so I usually stay with her, maybe you know her, her name is Beatriz –

- I think I've seen her a couple of times in school –

-yeah, she arrives frequently, for my cousin, she cares much about him –

- well he is a lucky guy because someone cares about him - this makes Jairo thinks about it what does she mean?

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