The first interplanetary detective

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About the story

Hello! I am Anna Orehova, author of the series "Interplanetary Detective". Russian readers already loved my stories, so I hope you will enjoy them too.

This series is about the girl from the Earth and the detective from the planet Irbug. Together they investigate complex cases and try to solve the central riddle: how did the intergalactic Gates network appear?

The series consists of three books, all of them connected by common heroes, but each has its investigation and necessarily a closed final. I believe that it is more pleasant to talk about serious things with a slight smile, so I write simply and naturally. But believe me, these are not only detective stories, but these are also stories of growing up, both of the main characters and of mine. I learned a lot while I was working on the series, and it's not just about writing skills. I hope my stories will help you to change your view of life slightly.

Enjoy reading!

Anna Orehova

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Story about: detective, murder, aliens

Edited: 24.06.2019

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