The Light's Shadow

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This book is one of my favourites. I have written other novels before like: Live Your Life and Love and Hate: More than meets the eye. Those books mainly focused on how the flaws of humanity used the Bible to promote their unethical values. However, this book is different. It is one that I have written to show how crazy life could be. It is about me and the trials that I went through. 

This book isn't even the original version. I wrote this book when I was sixteen. Also, though it was all over the place, I was able to write something that did happen to me. I still have a copy of the original version of the book that I read now and then.  

Every time that I read this book, a whole amount of emotions washes through me. The Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Love, Betrayal and many more, flows through me. Reading it is like a time machine that helps me look back at the right times and the bad times. 

It is one that I enjoyed writing. Some of this book is from my journal that I wrote and felt at the time. These additions make the book even more sentimental to me, showing genuine raw emotions and thoughts that I experienced. Knowing that can finally read this book puts a smile on my face. 

I have always wanted to write a romance story that was complicated and full of twist. I just never imagined that it would have happened to me. The last relationship that I was in, I was sixteen. It didn't end well, and I promised myself that I would focus on myself only. 

But I am pretty sure that at some point I wanted to have a family that can call my own. I love children and knowing that I brought a child upon this earth would've brought joy to me. But, if I had known that the conceiving my child would be on strange circumstances, then I would've believed it for a second. But when you are with the people you love, then everything would feel much better. 

I hope that anyone that comes across this book will enjoy it. It will make me feel good knowing that someone around the world enjoyed this book. Sharing my experiences may even inspire someone, but I highly doubt it. 

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Story about: love, betrayal, pregnant

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