The love job

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Chapter 1

Ivonne gazed out the window, noting her Father's compound. It was just as she had left it.

    The 2 flower pots in front of the huge pillar, the tiles used for decorations, the compound was as quiet as before. Nothing changed... Well except the new sparkling cars.

   " Madam, we are here". Her chauffeur annoyingly interrupted her thoughts.

    " I'm not blind ". She said while holding his gaze in the review mirror.

    She thought of possible reasons why her Father would summon her from a very important meeting. He wasn't the one to take business lightly.

    " when exactly did you start working for me?" she asked as she took out her Ipad.

    " Ma?"

    His questioning tone made her look up. She gazed at him in the mirror.

    " I said when exactly did you start working for me? Mind you, I do not like to repeat myself".

     " uh... 3days ago Ma". He replied. His voice filled with anxiety and Ivonne couldn't help but revel in it.

    " your name?".

    " Christopher". He answered almost immediately.

    " well Christopher, 3 days is enough to know the kind of woman I am... I'll just let this slide because today is just unpredictable for me. Know this, I do not like to be addressed as 'Ma' but Miss. Ivonne. I also do not like it when people like you look me in the eye.

    "we are from very different worlds and I'd like if you can respect that". Immediately she said this, Christopher quickly averted his eyes.

    "some other things I can't remember right now but be rest assured I'll let you know the minute I have time for you".

    " yes Ma... I mean, yes Miss. Ivonne".

    " Mmm". After a while, Ivonne put back her things in her hand bag and alighted from the car.

    The sun scorched hard on her back and she hissed from it, suddenly regretting her choice of clothing.

    She was putting on a black office skirt that hugged her curves nicely and a pink striped white top that stretched across her breasts.

    As she got to the door, she didn't even bother to knock or slow down a bit, she opened the door and was greeted by the sweet aroma of food. Her stomach rumbled wanting a piece of what the nose had perceived.

    She could hear the chattering of people, following the noise, she walked towards the dinning table and immediately rebuked the sight.

    Her siblings seemed to be enjoying their Mother's company. The huge smiles on their face made her groan silently.

     Not wanting to intrude, plus she had to see her Father, Ivonne turned to leave.

    " Ivonne?" Daniella's voice filled with surprise and doubt. She wasn't too sure it was her sister she was seeing.

    But with the curves and everything,..

    Cursing under her breath, she turned to face them, watching how their faces lit in surprise. Her Mother moved quickly and forced her into a hug.

    " oh my daughter, I've missed you so much". Mrs. Johnson pulled away, staring into her daughter's brown eyes.

    " Good afternoon Mom". Ivonne greeted rather dryly.

    Mrs. Johnson cupped her daughters face, taking note of her body. She was a bit slimmer than the last time they met. Although, her skin color was... Ok, she was doing really well, she furrowed her brows.

    " ah! Is it just my eyes or are you getting slimmer?" she asked while turning back to her other children.

    " I'm ok. Nothing is wrong with me, I'm just keeping fit that's all".

    Daniella, her elder sister scoffed " keeping fit? You can as well die because of it."

    Ivonne gave her a scornful look before setting her eyes on her brother who seemed to be wanting her attention.

    " Oh... I didn't notice you were there... ". Before she could finish, Daniella interrupted.

    " are we surprised? You don't notice anyone. No one is important except you ".

    Ivonne smirked " Glad you know that you're nobody ".

    "Enough!" Mrs. Johnson shouted at the top of her voice. " shut up both of you! There will be no arguments in this house, not anymore".

    " Daniella what is your problem?" David asked. " Amaka was not talking to you. Learn to shut up. You're her elder sister, behave like one".

    " ChukwuEmeka, Chukwuemeka, Chukwuemeka " Mrs. Johnson turned to him. " how many times did I call you?".

    " 3 times. But lets face it. She needs to start acting like an elder sister".

    Daniella hissed looking away as if she couldn't behold his sight.

    " Bro David, don't bother, you seem to have forgotten that Empty barrels make the loudest noise ". With that, she walked away, leaving her Brother laughing hard to Daniella's tantrum.

    She wasn't in the mood for Daniella's bad behavior. Right now, she just wanted to speak to her Father, find out why she was summoned, then go back to work.

    Just speak to her Father, no one else, but her Mother seemed to have other plans as she was on her tail.

    " Ugh! For the love of God! Mother, what is it?". Ivonne slowed down, waiting for her Mother to catch up with her.

    Mrs. Johnson tried keeping up with her daughter but her legs were just too long. She got that from her Father. That, her bossy bitchy attitude.

    But to her, Ivonne inherited the best from her. Fair flawless skin, Undying beauty, lucky charm and a slim body... All thanks to her former self.

   Mrs. Johnson was a fair short woman. She was fat and had a tight ass. She was in her late 50's but looked a bit younger than her age.


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