The Mud

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Before you start reading the entire thing is supposed to be one short story. The chapters are actually scenes and they are quite short. I actually wrote the entire thing in one sitting and I don't have any plans to update it immediately.

This story is inspired by a real life milky white kitten that found its way to our front door. It was injured and covered in mud. I would have wanted to keep it if it weren't for my mother being allergic. That brings us to the story.

Can mud be alive? Can mud spread like a virus, using humans as host to multiply? Can the symbiosis between man and mud be sustainable in the long run? How can you stop the mud, or can you?


Neil Oculus

#61 in Mystery
#32 in Supernaturals
#16 in Paranormal

Story about: creature, outbreak, alive

Edited: 08.06.2019

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