The mysterious towers

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Odd discovery

Today Shikoku Island holds one of the woulds strangest mysteries thirty towers were built all around the island countless centuries ago. No one knows why or for what purpose they serve, even the gods are baffled by them as there is nothing in the archives to explain there meaning and who built them.

The other reason there has been nothing placed in the archives is because when Lèguān along with his family were investigating them they made some what of a puzzling discovery.

However, we must start at the begging, the mysterious towers were first found by the Black Dragon Yagan jae’s daughter, Ilmol jangmi (Sunset rose) when she was about fifteen years old. She was out exploring with her five brothers when she lost sight of them.

   “Not again, we do not have time to play hide and seek,” Ilmol jangmi mutters, watching the approaching storm on the horizon.

The young Dragon decides to head down to one of the islands to discover it is home to a family of Snow Dragons. She is pleased to find they all speak the same language and Xià fēng informs her she is the only Black Dragon they have seen.

   “Ah so my brothers must be hiding on one of the other islands.”

   “I just hope they are not on the one west of here, for it is covered in strange mysterious towers.”

The young lady's eyes grow wide, you could say there was almost a hint of wonder in them and she asks, “Towers?”

   “Yes, they have been there for a very long time. I wonder could it have been your kind who had them built. Forgive me I’m just jumping to conclusions.”

   “No, I completely understand Xià fēng when you have no idea who built them. I could take a look then report back to my dad as he might have a better idea.”

   “Just be careful my dear, as that storm is getting awfully close. You are welcome to come back here before it hits.”

   “I think I will do that. I’ll be as quick as I can.”

Then Xià fēng's eldest son Xià yǔ steps forward and offers, “I will go with you. It has nothing to do with you being a young lady, it's just that island is somewhat strange.”

   "I completely understand."

They take off for the island of the mysterious towers and as they get closer they begin to see the tops of the high strange buildings pocking through the thick forest which covers the entire island.

They come into land in a small clearing not far from one.

Ilmol jangmi looks up at the strange building and says, “I see what you mean it is unlike anything I have seen before. I like the colour of the stone.”

   “I know what you mean it is a nice shade of sandy pink, see how it sparkles like wet sand.”

   “Now that is strange.”

   “It sure is when there is no stone in the area like it.”


“Really, my father and grandpa have searched the entire island, including the others and found nothing like it. Grandpa thinks it could have been brought in from the other realm as he reckons the gods of that realm are behind them. I think he is right as there is no other explanation.”

   “I’m staring to agree with you, as none of us could build something on this scale. Can we go inside?”

   “Of course,” replies Xià yǔ, pushing open the door. “After you.”

Ilmol jangmi steps inside to see there is a staircase running up the middle to every floor, she looks back to the Snow Dragon and asks, “Did people live in them?”

   “We do not think so. I’m guessing they are meant to be lived in, however no one will because of the odd presents.”

This makes the Black Dragon tilt her head slightly to the left and ask, “Odd presents?”

   “Sorry it is hard to describe. I know I’ll show you, come with me,” replies Xià yǔ, taking hold of her hand. “Sorry,” he says, letting go of it and performing a shallow bow.

   “It’s all right, sometimes it is just easier when you are wanting to show someone something. So pleased take my hand,” she says, offering it to him.

The Snow Dragon gently takes hold of it, he then leads her back outside through the frost to the very heart and says, “Wait.”

The young Dragon gives him a nod and waits to see what happens. She slowly becomes aware of the feeling she is being watch, but there is no one there. Then again they are no Dreamer, there could be something around which they are unable to see.

   “Do you feel it?” Xià yǔ asks, looking to her.

   “Yes. What is causing that?”

   “We have no idea. It has always been here. It has nothing to do with the Forest Gods because, and this is the strange part, they also feel it when they stand here. None of them have been able to explain it and think it is most likely a Gate Guardian.”

Ilmol jangmi’s open her eyes wide to show she is shocked and asks, “What is one of them?”

   “They are huge creatures who guard the gates between this realm and other. They are seldom seen and the gods have told us the only gods they will show themselves to are the Dreamers.”

   “I see. Well you are in luck my family so happens to know one, his name is Lèguān.”


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