The Perfect Place

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Ezra Chikaru is a critical but knowledgeable growing teenager who seems to be too intelligent for his age. Growing up in Nigeria, he seems to be uncomfortable with some of the cultures and traditional concepts that are shoved down his throat by his environment and society. Being highly sensitive and perceptive about his environment, Ezra makes his own judgements about how things should be in society and in the culture he finds himself. But his struggle with conforming doesn’t seem to be the only problem he faces.
Ezra is born of two overworking parents whom to society are the perfect couple but behind closed doors, they seem to always be at each other’s necks; literally. Dante, Ezra’s adoptive older brother seems to be the only one in the family he can relate to. But when he is across the globe fulfilling his dreams as an artist, Ezra has no one in his family to find solace in.
After Junior High, Ezra decides to attend Silver Lengths High, a boarding school, in order to get away from his parent’s drama, much to their chagrin. On getting there, he meets a few of his friends whom he was aware were coming to the school. But every escape comes with a cost, and Ezra wasn’t far from realizing that.
Silver Lengths was basically a regular school but with real teenagers, people that Ezra had never encountered in his life. He comes face to face with violence, abuse and conflict as he had never been exposed to people who were far more different than he was. But Ezra isn’t the only one who is affected by his new environment as his friends, both new and old, try to find ways to adjust and in the process; they make some very bad decisions. Ezra’s imagination of the school being a safe space is shattered as he is antagonized by different elements of the school. The school turns out not to be so much of a perfect place after all.
Now Ezra is placed in the middle of two places; his far from perfect school and his far from perfect family. But with the help of Dante, a few loyal friends and a new girl who catches Ezra’s eye, things seem to be more bearable than they seem.
But what happens when they’re not? What happens when Murphy’s Law hits Ezra like a brick as the worst things that could happen, actually happen? What happens when a teenager from a wealthy home turns out to be the one with the worst story?
Ezra is faced with challenges from all angles, all while puberty takes a toll on him. Ezra is faced with everything possible; violence, anger, trust, love, sex, drugs, greed, hypocrisy, doubt, faith and more. Ezra questions everything he believes in and wonders if maybe Silver Lengths wasn’t the best option after all. But he couldn’t change his family, even though the odds, well enough, changed him.
What if he never finds his perfect place?


Edited: 13.06.2019

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