The Revival Plan

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Terms and Conditions

I. To revive a late family member, provide proof of relation (i.e. birth or marriage certificate)

II. Memory transfer is dependent on yearly income and/or established life insurance plans

III. Candidates must be over the age of three and under the age of sixty-five

IV. When reviving a late family member, provide a photo/image from the last twelve months

V. Revived family members must pass a Memory Test to be approved for reintegration

VI. Revived family members will maintain any and all rights they possessed before revival

VII. Specific memories can be removed at an extra fee; fees negotiated over the chosen memory

VIII. Pain indicators are removed as a courtesy of the original creator, Genesee Yazzie

IX. Revived family members are convicted according to degree of any committed crime

X. Candidates with a criminal record of any kind will be rejected without question


Edited: 13.07.2019

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