The secret in the forest

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The Vault (17)

The beautiful Dorjee is awakened by the sunlight streaming through a gab in the shutters. He places his left forearm over his eyes to blot it out, and drifts back off to sleep only to be awoken a few minutes later needing the bathroom. The Snow Dragon gets out of bed, puts on an old top robe as he makes his way out on the covered walkway. This takes him to an outbuilding that is partly covered in a lovely flowering vine.

   Once he is done Dorjee makes his way back to his room; when he notches on the step out side the room next door is a pair of beaten up cloth boots. He smiles as he knows from the way they sag, to the missing knocks off both tops they belong to his father. The Snow Dragon uses his abilities to open the door to see only Yagan jae’s huge black wings.

Dorjee listens and can tell he is still asleep, so he leaves him to it, but just as the door begins to close he hears him mutter, “Son?”

This makes the Snow Dragon go and apologise, “I’m sorry father, I did mean to wake you.”

The Black Dragon sits up, he pats the side of son’s face and replies, “I was only napping. Good morning my dear son.”

   “Morning father. You are early.”

Yagan jae emits a soft laugh and asks, “And what is wrong with that?”

   “Nothing at all father. It is good to see you,” replies Dorjee, giving him a hug. “Tea?”

   “Please. And I will tell you over breakfast why I am here.”

The Snow Dragon helps him to put on an old top robe and they both make their way to the kitchen.

   The Black Dragon just smiles when he sees the state of the room. It is clear from the pile of ash in the hearth it has not been cleaned out in moths. There are pots piled up by the wash bowl. The table is covered in books and scrolls with a nicely stacked pile of cups at one end ready to fall off at any moment. This reminds him of Xuě méiguī for she too was never that tidy and he often found himself cleaning the house. However, he is not help their son unless he asked for it as this is what she told him to do. Never clear up after our son, he has to learn to keep his own room tidy. No matter how may centuries go by he has never learned to keep his home tidy?

Dorjee puts a fresh pot of water on to the heather; shovels some of the ash into a bucket so he can make a fresh fire and asks, “What would you like for breakfast?”

   “Whatever you are making will be fine, son.”

The Snow Dragon gives him a nod and heads out back. 

Whilst he is gone Yagan jae places a hand to his chest and whispers, “Sorry my love I need to help him today.” He goes on to use his abilities to move the stack of cups to the wash bucket, also clean the heath as he has the feeling the guests will be arriving soon.

   “Oh father you can leave that,” says Dorjee as he enters through the open back door.

   “Son, I am just getting this place looking a bit better for you will be having company soon.”

The Snow Dragon’s eyes open wide, and he asks, “Who?”

   “Fedor, Alric along with Hēraklês and his partner Xìngyùn. Oh, and most likely other members of the family.”

   “Why are they all coming here?”

   “I give you one guess.”

Dorjee takes a moment to think and replies, “The barrier?”

   “Yes. Hēraklês is the best man for the job, he and his partner may be able to remove it.”

   “Do you really think so?”

   “All they can do is try. So let’s get this place looking nice before they arrive...” the Black Dragon yawns and continues, “Tea first.”

The Snow Dragon nods and asks, “That is not the only reason why Hēraklês has returned?”

   “No, you are correct my dear son, and I will do my best to fill you in.”

Whilst his son makes breakfast Yagan jae goes on to tell him everything that has happened which led up to the Dark one returning.

Dorjee is amazed by all the things the young Soul Drinker has been doing and says some time later, “My goodness Fedor has been a busy young man.”

   “He has and enjoying every moment of it. However, that is Fedor; he likes exploring new places and meeting new people.”

   “Yes, he seems very out going and was he all right with Hēraklês speaking through him?”

   “In his own way he just took it as a helping hand, for he had no idea what he was doing. Plus it saved his guardian having to come to lend a hand.”

The Snow Dragon emits a soft laugh and replies, “Yes his guardians sound like they are very over protective of him. Then again not surprising giving what he means to them. Speaking of guardians, have they been able to find out yet if Alric’s young man has one?”

   “Unfortunately he does not have one. Then again he has nothing to do with the other realm, unlike Fedor who uses it a lot to get from one place to another. Plus when he was young he ported into the land of the Minotaurs.”

Dorjee’s eyes open wide, and he asks, “How did he end up there?”

  “That is where he ended up when he ported for the first time. When Prince Théros saw his marks, he became his guardian.”

  “Oh my goodness that’s amazing. So what is he like?”


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