Tinwytti: Our Story

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Chapter 1: Cute

I – Cute

"Honey, promise me that you'll never ever try to do this again, please?" Mom said as she was crying. I know that I'm a messed-up kid but this time, it's really not me!

"Please, honey, just say yes, please..." she was crying hard this time. I had no choice but to nod while sighing. When she saw my nod, she immediately hugged me tightly for a long time (not really that long but you tend to exaggerate when telling a story, right? ;)).

"Let's go home?" she asked, to which I happily nodded to. Mom guided me to where she parked our car but as we were getting closer to the car, I saw a guy whose head was at his knees. He looked like a ball except, he obviously have a muscular body. He raised his head and we had a short eye contact.

With an eye contact so short, this was what's going on in my head that time:

"Oh gosh, he's so handsome! Is he from here? Should I approach him? Console him? Comfort him? Gosh, he's really good-looking! Should I get his number? Is he a new kid here like me? We should totally hang out if that's the case!"

And I even fantasized how he would act when I do approach him. But I didn't because of 3 reasons:

Number one: My Mom was with me. If I approached that guy while disregarding my Mom, it might be a turn-off for him.

Number two: He just saw us came out from the police station. And he probably saw me getting arrested too. For goodness' sake, he probably wouldn't think I was an ideal girl and he looked like he just came from a breakup. Proof: his eyes were bloodshot like he cried for many hours.

And number three, last but definitely, not the least: Gosh, it would be so embarrassing! Guys should always, and when I say always, I mean a-l-w-a-y-s, make the first move. Oh, and another reason is because I'm an introvert so why would I approach him first? Having me talk to someone first would be what we call a 'millennial impossibility'.

And so, we just passed by him but his eyes were following me. It was supposed to be creepy but I just felt bothered because he's really handsome. When I entered our car, I looked back to where he was but to my surprise, he wasn't there anymore. Ok, now I find that creepy.

Mom suddenly poked me. I flinched so much that my Mom was shocked, as well.

"Something wrong, honey?" she asked, obviously weirded out by me. I honestly tried to answer but no sound came out of my mouth for about a minute. Mom immediately gave me a water bottle and I drank it hurriedly.

"Why, honey? What happened?" she asked, now looking worried.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, Mom. I was just shocked because you suddenly –“ I wasn't able to continue because I suddenly saw that guy at the rear mirror.

When I stopped talking, Mom quickly looked to where I was looking at and also saw that guy. The guy stared back at me on the mirror and he was raising his hand slowly, like he was carrying a knife. Because of that ridiculous thought, I immediately ducked, very scared.


Guess what he did -


He knocked on our car's hood because the road was too narrow for him to continue walking. What an embarrassment I am.

"Oh, I'm sorry" Mom shouted which got a nod and a sad smile from the guy. Mom was obviously giggling but I paid it no mind. I was too embarrassed to reason or even argue with her.

When we reached our house, I rushed to my room. Mom was calling me but as always, I paid it no mind. I don't want to tell her what really happened because she probably would not believe me. I’m already exhausted.

Even though I was tired enough to just suddenly sleep in my bed once I laid down, my mind was full of that guy's face and also how I was too dumb to not pay any attention to the fact that he was outside the police station. Add to the fact that he probably was crying, something must have happened to him.

On the second thought, never mind. Gatnicity is a small town, after all, nothing stays a secret.

As I fell to my slumber, I suddenly thought of something: Does Gatnik have a secret that I still don’t know about?


The next day

"Honey, wake up! It's time for breakfast!" Mom shouted from the kitchen.

"Just five minutes! I'm still sleepy!" I shouted back. After a while, I heard footsteps approaching my room. It paused for a minute and the person opened the room. Probably, not my Mom, she would have entered my room without hesitation. But if it wasn't Mom then it must be.....

"Sweetie, wake up now. Let's eat breakfast together, okay?" The person whispered.

"Dad?!?!" I asked loudly. Gosh, it really was Dad! After 2 years, he's back!

"Yes, sweetie, did you miss me?"

"Miss? My gosh, no Dad! I longed to see you!" I said while hugging him. Ok fine, I was crying too. I really missed him! After working abroad for 2 years without coming back, who wouldn't miss him?

"Oh, my sweetie is very big now! You're already 17? How years pass by quickly...." He said as he was hugging me back tightly.

I immediately ran to the kitchen and helped my Mom. Both of them looked really happy because it was pretty rare for me to be so energetic but I really missed my Dad, what can I do about it?


"I don't know if I should be happy or sad?" Mom suddenly said after we finished our meal.


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