Twin Desaster [andy Fowler]

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a short story

[how will it ends? It's your choice]


Pov Andy Fowler


I was sitting at the table with my mom, my dad and my sister Claire. 


Today it's the final day. 
We will travel by plane to Rio de Janeiro and we will stay there for 2 weeks. 


My sister is always happy about staying in New countries and places but I'm not that happy because I hate holidays. 


I'm not able to visit my friends, I guess my only friend Jack who lives only 4 houses away from me. 


I'm not able to go to school to study because I think studying is always good. 


:,, Andy don't look like that, you will see it will be great! " my mom said by grabbing my hand and smiling at me. 
Well, she don't know me the way I'm feeling right know. 


:,, I just told you I don't want to go with you because I hate it to travel with the plane!" I said and my dad raised a brow


:,, Don't say that! Have you ever been there?" he asked me and I shake my head. 


:,, Andy it will be cool. Look, there's so hot and we will have a great time there! " Claire said while smiling like a happy dog. 


Well, I'm gonna throw up by seeing this. 


:,, I have to go to the bathroom! " I said quickly and jumped up. 


:,, Don't be late honey, our flight will start in 20 minutes. We are waiting on the gate! " my mom said and I left the restaurant and went to the bathroom. 


When I arrived the bathroom I went to the mirror and looked at myself. 


A skinny figure was looking at me. 


Blue eyes and blonde hair. 


Looking like a dead human body, because my face is way to white as always. 


:,, Why is this always happening to me? " I asked myself and washed my face with the cold water. 


My parents are don't listening to me. They know that I'm gonna be sick when I'm travel with a ship, a plane or even with a car when we are on the road for more than 2 hours. 


I'm always the one who has to throw up. 


Also for looking at myself in the mirror, for being that small dead human body with the blonde hair and the blue eyes. 


Also for being the fag in school, get called a lot of ship names and being the bullied boy because I'm gay. 


Also for having only one friend but a best friend I guess who's best befriends with my bullies. 


And also for the fact, being the ugliest person in the whole family. 


My sister Claire is such a beautiful girl but when her boyfriend Jones comes to visit her, I get locked in in my room or beaten up because he's one of my bullies. 


Well, I don't have a single reason the be alive. 


I don't have a point for staying here and not pulling out the medicine I have in my pocket to instantly black out. 


Black out, forever. 


While I'm standing in front of the mirror the door went open and a boy came into the bathroom. 
He have blonde hair, blue eyes and he looked exactly like me. 




He look exactly like me?? 


How is this possible?? 


I turned around and we looked at each other with a open mouth. 
Yes he definitely looked like me. 
The same face. 
The same small dead human body figure like me. 
The same blonde hair. 
The same deep blue eyes. 


:,, Wow what the hell? "he said and looked at me a bit scared but I was scared too. 


:,, Who are you?" I asked


:,, I'm Finn and you? " he said and asked me back


:,, I'm Andy. How is this possible that you look the same like me?" I asked and he shake his head


:,, Well, I don't know maybe we are twins or something like this but I don't have a twin brother! " Finn said and went to the washing area to wash his face with cold water. 


:,, Anyway, nice to me you. Well, that's kind of creepy to find someone who look the same as I but why not!" I said and he smiled at me and I smiled back


:,, Well maybe we see us one day again to clear the fact why we are looking exactly like the other one but now I have to go, my flight is starting in a few minutes!" Finn said and I nodded


:,, Well I also have to go to my plane. So bye!" I said and left the bathroom. 


When I arrived the gate, my parents and Claire are already waiting for me


:,, Andy why does it takes so long this time? " my dad asked but I don't know what I should say to him


:,, Well dad I have met my twin brother even I don't have a twin brother!" 


Now I can't say that. 


:,, I'm sure he's was talking with the mirror because he thought there's someone who look exactly like him!" 
Claire said and started to laugh. 


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