Who to remember

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It's our gypsy blood
We live between life and death
Waiting to move on
And in the end
We accept it
We shake hands with our fate
And we walk past
There's no rest for us in this world
Finally enough love
~madonna (i dont search i find) 


These are the fictionized versuons of the victims with fictional names to orotect the dignity and integrity.  They beg us to remember them as fellow human and cictims of human stupidity in its pure form terrorism .  I am also illustrating that myslims are human not psychopaths but victims like the "western" victims.  We are all human and linked together in love and DNA.
Let that stink in when you see some quote different or believes in something quote alien.  Its all the same. Racism is terrorism its self.

Elena Melanson

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Story about: p752, iran, racism

Edited: 14.01.2020

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