Why Wouldn’t He?

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Chapter 1

So this was my first ever book and I removed it but now I’m here giving it another chance sooooooooo here's the first chapter Love . I hope you like it .





The sky seemed quiet as if the one above it was not ready to listen what I had to say.

I drove my black Range Rover on the same, smooth, wet road I've passed a hundredth time. The street number "37" kept appearing in front of me each time I roamed here.

I looked through the map of this area, probably I've had it memorized in my brain, but I am never good with maps. I tried using the GPS, but unfortunately Jason forgot to put it in before he gave this car to me  .

I go through the map again, "nothing" I signed.


No wonder, I am lost.


I heard an ear piercing scream, swinging my head around, I looked over Lisa. She had sweat all over her forehead, her eyes wide open and perplexed as if she had seen something really bad.


"Lisa, are you alright?" I furrowed my brows in concern as she stays silent. "What did you see?"


This caught her attention as she held back her hand and gazed up at me with green eyes, "Nothing, just a bad dream."

She stopped as if she was trying to recall something, "Actually, now I don't remember it at all." She smirked.


"Sooo, are we there yet?" I turned back to look at the map as she questioned.


"Quite there yet, just can't find the right street." Lisa pulled her left leg and left arm towards the passenger seat, from the back side - after sitting crossed legged, she turned the air condition off and scrolled down her window, "WHAT THE HELL, LISS?" I yelled at her.

"Get some fresh air, sista...." She chuckled, staring out her window. "It's a pretty nice place, though I hope our house is nice and big like all the others here." She admired the view in front of her.


"It will be big for sure because from the image of this place, I don't think it'll be a small one and you know, 'JASON’ " we both said it together and started laughing.


I drove, taking a couple of lefts and rights before I jerked the breaks, "Ughh." I turned around the map this time,  maybe I was holding it the wrong way.


"I am hungry, can we go back to McDonald's and thennn come back here and then look for our house?" She broke the silence to irritate me with her stupid question.

"No because I am already very tired of driving here from the past 1 hour."


"But, I am hun-"


"No buts!" I snapped, loud enough to make it clear to her as she looked sad. I am glad she doesn't argue with me like other unmannered siblings.

She pointed out to someone, catching my attention, "Oh! Let's ask her." She pointed to a lady with a child who had her eyes and hair.


I got out of the car and jogged to the lady, "Good afternoon, Ma'am, do you know where this address is?" I handed her the  piece of paper and smiled.

"Thank you so much, Ma'am and you have an adorable child." I thanked her because she guided me the address.


I got back to the car and kept repeating, 'two rights and a left' like a mantra. We ended up at the street when I saw the black gate.

Lisa signed a wow as I stare up at the house in front of me, it was more beautiful than the others here.


Actually, way better than beautiful.


I drove up to the gate as it opens automatically. "Huh? How did it open?" Lisa looked confused before it opened till it ends and we saw Jason standing at a distance, smiling with his hands crossed.


Okay I know it's really short . I am sorry I'll try making them not this short


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