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21st Century Life

Shreekhar R

The turn of the 21st Century bought many things to our lives. Technology got faster, relationships got shorter and the world seems to keep moving forward at a lightning pace. Yet, the struggle of life weighs us down, stopping us from achieving our dreams. Daya and Kaashi, two best friends, on gra... more info

Story about: acting, filmmaking, achieving the dream

Ongoing: 18 Jun 29 pages
2004 2 10

Rating: 2

#19 in Contemporary fiction
#3 in Urban life
#83 in Romance
#21 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold


The Fortress

Shreekhar R

As far back as Arya can remember, she always did as her father told. Looking back at her life, she finds it surprising how much of it was dictated by her kind and gentle father. She never regretted any of it but as she enters high school, things have begun to change fast and in ways that she did not... more info

Story about: youngadult, psychic, learn about her powers

On Hold: 16 Jun 4 pages
64 0 2

Rating: 0

#62 in Young adult
#9 in School
#22 in Science fiction

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