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Towers of Heaven


One day, seven towers appear on Earth. Each one stands hundreds of stories tall, and are indestructible to all attacks. At the base of each tower is a door, welcoming in all who dare open it. All sorts of magical monsters can be found inside the towers. Even magic and superhuman strength can be a... more info

Text includes: action, litrpg, gamelite

In progress: 15 Dec 92 pages
1644 27 11

Overall Rating: 17

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#3 at Science fiction
#1 at LitRPG
#5 at Fantasy
#1 at Urban fantasy




Being made redundant almost a billion kilometres from Earth was a bad way to start the week, and Blake Horton did not expect it to get any better. This light-hearted sci-fi novel covers the misadventures of an out-of-work life support systems engineer on his way back to Earth and a reporter despe... more info

Text includes: comedy, action, mystery

In progress: 15 Dec 10 pages
27 1 3

Overall Rating: 1

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#6 at Contemporary fiction
#2 at Humor
#7 at Science fiction


Project E: Miracle of Time

Phantasmagoric Xythe

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society. And having this phenomenon happened to Lucrylia, she was abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected fight each other for the pleasure and the competition o... more info

Text includes: action, miracles, surrealism

In progress: 14 Dec 26 pages
173 8 4

Overall Rating: 2

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#6 at Science fiction
#3 at Post-apocalyptic
#20 at Romance
#5 at Romantic suspense


sun rise...sunset


an anthology that looks into the life of different characters. it explores the day in the life of each characters as they proceed towards the inevitable fate that unfolds toward their intertwining destiny that awaits them. ... more info

Text includes: thriller, urban life, action

In progress: 26 Nov 16 pages
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Overall Rating: 0

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#25 at Thrillers & Suspense
#4 at Action thriller
#31 at Contemporary fiction
#3 at Urban life


The Fall (the second Jupiter's Halo novel)

Andrew Bradbury

This is the second book of my series. For those who have read the first, this book tells the story of what happens on GS-114 from another side. It introduces new characters and answers some of the questions from the first novel. The plan is for both stories to come together in the third book, wh... more info

Text includes: thriller, action, space

In progress: 04 Dec 47 pages
308 9 7

Overall Rating: 2

Current rating:
#10 at Science fiction
#1 at Space opera

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