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Mr. Beautiful (billionaire #1)

Ann Margarette

When I first saw Mr. Stark, I thought he was the man I knew in the past, but he wasn't. He couldn't be him that poor man I once betrayed. Mr. Stark was too elegant, too sexy and way too wealthy to become him. I tried hard not to get too drawn to him but he suddenly offered a proposition I couldn't r... more info

Text includes: contemporary romance, billionaire, sexy

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Seducing the Billionaire


There are people paying big money to "infiltrate and annihilate" the Blavatnik ménage. The easiest way in, would, of course, be through their hedonistic son and heir: Cason Blavatnik. He's aged 21, ruthless, the face of this month's issue of Vogue, and the guy who went viral for pissing on stacks o... more info

Text includes: firstlove, romance, billionaire

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