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Lily Orevba

“What did you say, bitch?” “This bitch said,” Nabilah stepped forward. “You picked your outfit out of the trash can. The same trash you picked out your attitude, and your face. Which, by the way, I have had enough of staring at. So, get out of my way.” * After being knocked d... more info

Text includes: romance, fiction, campus romance contest

In progress: 15 Feb 96 pages
2116 31 28

Overall Rating: 8

Current rating:
#9 at Romance
#7 at Young adult


His Cheerleader


He's a nerd, I'm his queen. Well he's not aware, he's too caught up with the idea that I'm just playing with his feelings and that I'm dating the jock in our campus. How will I ever show him that ever since the moment he walked into my life, I've already fallen for him. He's too impossible. Will I e... more info

Text includes: campusromance, campus romance contest, accidents

In progress: 15 Jan 35 pages
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Overall Rating: 7

Current rating:
#32 at Young adult
#13 at New Adult & College
#3 at School


A Digital Age Courtship


Gertrude North, the youngest of four sisters, finally embarks on college life. All her older sisters attended public, secular universities and no one knew who they were or who their church famous parents were. Tru on the other hand, felt led to attend Valiant University in Northern Arizona, where he... more info

Text includes: campus romance contest, faith, principles

In progress: 10 Feb 27 pages
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Overall Rating: 3

Current rating:
#46 at Young adult
#20 at New Adult & College
#61 at Romance
#20 at Contemporary Romance

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