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Bride For Rent

Goodness Shadrach

Felicity McCarthy, an orphan young girl who was raised by her aunt that spoilt her to the core with the little she has, making her a little childish even at twenty four years. Raymond Baldwin, a cold, rich, self centered, aloof businessman who cares about nothing but business and anything that wi... more info

Story about: romance, contract marriage, childish bride

Ongoing: 16 Jan 22 pages
2781 246 41

Rating: 58

#10 in Romance
#6 in Billionaires


Mixed feelings

S. N

" You are mine , Mine to touch , Mine to hold , Mine to kill............ do you get that " he said , gripping my chin,With pressure. "Please...You are hurting me" I was pleading him . " Say it " he shouted on my face , " Yes, yes......... Iam yours " Sobbing and struggling to free... more info

Story about: manipulation, darkromance, contract marriage

Ongoing: 19 Jan 79 pages
9920 321 192

Rating: 79

#3 in Fantasy
#1 in Dark fantasy
#11 in Romance


A Bride For Hire

Shyy J Farnsworth

"You belong to me, do you understand?" He said wrapping his hand around my neck, I nodded. "Good girl." . . . Money and diamonds aren't everything, but 22 year old Tanya might tell you otherwise. She loves money and is willing to do just about anything to get a hold of it. Even if that mean... more info

Story about: love, contract marriage, romance.

Ongoing: 13 Jan 14 pages
1122 165 13

Rating: 20

#26 in Romance
#13 in Billionaires
#5 in Young adult
#3 in New Adult & College

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