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Dark Descendants Book 1: City of Domes


'Dark Descendants: City of Domes' is a low Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Epic book that tells about the adventures of Solem Zekiah Du'Tritz who was born inside the City of Domes along with his partner Alexiese Morgann Ce'Vieze. Their adventure starts after 5 years of being together in the Eagle Legion, the group o... more info

Text includes: fantasy, apocalypse, guardians

In progress: 15 Dec 107 pages
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Overall Rating: 5

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#3 at Science fiction
#1 at Post-apocalyptic
#4 at Fantasy
#2 at Epic fantasy


The adventures of Bǎihé and Liúxīng


Once upon a time when Bǎihé was a young lady, barely in her twenties she met Liúxīng the Monkey Emperor, who was sitting in a tree eating lovely ripe peaches, which where not his to take.... more info

Text includes: fantasy gods, other realm, fantasy

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Overall Rating: 1

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#29 at Fantasy
#14 at Mystery
#4 at Supernaturals


Lǐwù and the teardrop stone


Lǐwù is in the forest near his home gathering herbs, when he comes across a young lady barely alive who gives him a strange stone and asks him to hide it.... more info

Text includes: mystery supernatural, fantasy

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#34 at Fantasy
#11 at Dark fantasy
#14 at Short stories


The Good Old Days


Prince Nuada goes on a journey across a world he hates, following the exile from his father's court. Now, centuries after, he finds a ray of light in the friendship of a young woman in the Caribbean paradise. *I do not own anything related to the Hellboy/Del Toro universe. However, please, don't ... more info

Text includes: fantasy, nuada, prince

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#6 at Fanfiction
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#42 at Romance
#8 at Romantic suspense

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