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The Lies (the first Jupiter's Halo novel)

Andrew Bradbury

A standard distress signal means a standard rescue mission. But when the truth is so deeply hidden, can anything really be that simple?  For Aitkin Cassini the future is bleak. In the hands of unknown torturers, it's looking like it might be short too. For Itona Lanad and the marines of First... more info

Text includes: space marines, colonization, futuristic

Full text 315 pages
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Overall Rating: 13

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#4 at Science fiction
#1 at Thrillers & Suspense
#1 at Suspense


Tales From The Halo

Andrew Bradbury

This is an anthology of short stories set on the space station, Jupiter's Halo. The stories themselves are quite dark and will link to one another. The first is written and included, although it needs an edit and proofing. If you spot any errors please let me know. Thanks. I have another thre... more info

Text includes: futuristic, short stories, crime

In progress: 04 Dec 35 pages
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Overall Rating: 5

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#9 at Science fiction
#7 at Short stories

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