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The Change In Us

Shaudene Oktober

The storie of two people from two different world's. They realise that another human can change you for the better or make you give up on people all together. " Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end." Robin Sharma... more info

Text includes: secret relationship, baby, heartbreak

In progress: 17 Dec 41 pages
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Overall Rating: 4

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#15 at Romance
#3 at Contemporary fiction
#3 at ChickLit


Wild Shades of You


A POETRY COLLECTION about having a natural affinity for unpredictable hues of erratic love. For the one whose heart is heavy with a plethora of sorrowful tones, may this book fill your soul with musical shades of hope, peace, and love. And for the one who celebrates life today, may you remember ... more info

Text includes: first love, heartbreak, poetry

In progress: 18 Dec 10 pages
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Overall Rating: 1

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#42 at Romance
#28 at Young adult


Out of Love: A Poem Book


Dear "Intersection Love", From the first time I laid my eyes upon you until the day we were apart, I have fallen into this deep and beautiful soul that you possess. Although I tried to push the 'Amnesia' button, it's as if the universe doesn't agree with me. Although I tried to resist loving you ... more info

Text includes: love, poems, heartbreak

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Overall Rating: 1

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#5 at Short stories
#50 at Romance
#6 at Inspiration romance

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