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Birds of a Feather


Those of common values, ideals, and goals flock together. Could be as simple as an equal admiration for a book or a general liking for a specific film. For some, it’s the need for freedom, a desire to be happy, or a chance to experience real love. Lyra Rossum comes to school wondering if it's her ... more info

Story about: forbidden love, high school romance, family secrets

Ongoing: 12 Dec 193 pages
2143 37 29

Rating: 6

#11 in Fantasy
#11 in Romantic fantasy
#11 in Young adult
#1 in School


On Thin Ice


Queen of the rink, destined to take the world by storm, Cameron Scott never failed to enchant every audience she ever performed for. Hopes were high for the gifted skater until an unknown experience led her to leave the competitive world for good. After two years of becoming an overqualified hobbyis... more info

Story about: high school romance, ice skating, rivals to lovers

Ongoing: 11 Dec 4 pages
58 3 4

Rating: 0

#122 in Romance
#29 in Contemporary Romance
#60 in Young adult
#1 in Sports

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