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A Kiss under the mistletoe


"Just a single kiss and you will fall in love with me. For ever." "keep dreaming since I won't kiss an Asshole! Ever." "Logical point. Babe. But who is going to stop me from doing that? You?"... more info

Text includes: love, highschool, badboybadassgirl

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#14 at Romance
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Blank space


After a terrible break up, a ghastly accident, Ciara became a stranger to everyone. Including herself. She tries not to remember her past but it seems impossible. Her family moved away to a small town where they think is much more quiet and would help Ciara forget about her past and start a new li... more info

Text includes: romance, short stories, highschool

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#1 at Short stories
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10 Rules Of An Invisible Girl


Life is easy for Jenna Walters. She's not an outcast but she's not popular either. She's just there, practically invisible to a person's eye but she has a set of rules to keep it that way. The most important rule would be rule 10 which is 'You gotta know when someone can see you' Not even her ... more info

Text includes: firstlove, highschool, highschoollove

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