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My Nation


She's just a teenager who wants to have a normal life pero mukhang pati siya mismo hindi siya normal. She thought life would be 'okay' kahit meron siyang kapanyarihan but living in her world, alam niyang hindi nababagay ang isang tulad niya sa mundong kanyang ginagalawan. Her life is at its worst... more info

Text includes: love, humor, friendship

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Overall Rating: 2

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#69 at Romance
#8 at Inspiration romance
#33 at Fantasy
#13 at Romantic fantasy


Parallel Lines


Mashafi is a weird goofy college girl, tired of her chaotic family life, morning classes, study pressure, and expectations. Under the facade of her goofy character, she is a deprived soul, afraid of affection, commitment, abandonment, and rejection. Books and stories are the only way for her to esca... more info

Text includes: romance, humor, chicklit

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Overall Rating: 1

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#77 at Young adult
#36 at New Adult & College


Mademoiselle Prince

Beatrice Anne Rempillo

Prince Daniel Alexander Charlisle was born as the next heir to the throne of the country called Thomastine, the only child of King Danford Charlie Charlisle and Queen Alexis Miriam Charlisle. He is loved by his people and is a very brave and smart child but one secret may end his plan to be the next... more info

Text includes: humor, firstlove, historical fiction

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#157 at Romance
#10 at Historical Romance
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