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The Stardust in Siya Nanda's Life

Suman Bhardwaj

Living in a small town where everyone knows everyone doesn't sound fun, does it? Siya Nanda used to think the same until one day when the most charming boy on earth entered her classroom and made her believe in miracles. To fall head over heels for a guy who doesn't even know about your existence is... more info

Text includes: young romance, secrets, humour

In progress: 14 Jan 30 pages
1872 30 17

Overall Rating: 19

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#4 at Romance
#1 at Contemporary fiction


Prince and Princesses of My Nation


(Next Book after My Nation) A compilation of stories of the princes in the world of Eullenuum Nation and met their respective princesses. After meeting them in the challenges in the last year’s Tradition, their paths crossed once again. What will happen to each of them? Will the sparks that ... more info

Text includes: love, short stories, humour

In progress: 11 Jan 123 pages
353 1 5

Overall Rating: 0

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#149 at Romance
#11 at Inspiration romance
#45 at Fantasy
#18 at Romantic fantasy

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