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Favour Okoye

Ethan Milo found herself in a closed group of lesbians, thanks to a planned adventure that went south. Did I say planned? Yes. But unfortunately, Ethan wasn't the planner but her best friend, Sally Sloan. Anita Steven was a butch and wanted closure. She had spent half of her life trying to act s... more info

Story about: identity, unknown, lesbian

Ongoing: 08 Jan 31 pages
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Rating: 2

#140 in Romance
#6 in LGBT
#28 in Erotic
#18 in Romantic erotica


Love letters 2 Lisa

Elena Melanson

have you ever been in truely in love......well i have since i met this wonderful beautiful sweet girl on imvu that i have a lot in common with i wish to share my love letters to her. i love her that much.... more info

Story about: lesbian, love letters, post 911

Ongoing: 15 Feb 4 pages
8 1 0

Rating: 0

#152 in Romance
#10 in LGBT
#23 in Others
#13 in Non-fiction


Rewriting the kamasutra

Elena Melanson

lesbians make there own kinky version of the sutra... more info

Story about: lesbian, kamasutra, kinky

Ongoing: 22 Jan 6 pages
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Rating: 0

#82 in Erotic

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