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Dark Wind, Icy Snow - Ryutar, Yinyuan


Born a fatherless bastard, Nox ZaiWin has always been seen as a pariah by those around him. All his life he’s walked over a thin, dangerous line, trying his best to keep his head down, avoiding getting too much attention, obediently following every Imperial command. His only wish is to be left alo... more info

Story about: action and adventure, magic and powers, empire and royality

Ongoing: 15 Feb 167 pages
1680 17 22

Rating: 7

#108 in Romance
#2 in LGBT
#33 in Fantasy
#5 in Action fantasy


Night in Gale: Captured


A teen Mage girl will finally be caught after years off running. Now she has to survive her supernatural world behind enemy lines. ... more info

Story about: mages, magic and powers, magic creatures

Ongoing: 02 Jan 53 pages
25 1 0

Rating: 0

#141 in Fantasy
#47 in Romantic fantasy
#17 in Epic fantasy




Avigale Eden, thought her life was simple, that was until she found a diary the held a secret that would change her whole life. The man she'd grown up knowing as her father, isn't, and her real dad has no idea where she is. Avigale's search for her lost dad, takes her down a path to a town full of... more info

Story about: friendship, finding the truth, magic and powers

Ongoing: 08 Feb 0 pages
183 5 7

Rating: 4

#69 in Young adult
#10 in Dystopia
#95 in Fantasy
#13 in Action fantasy


Curse with benefit

Farzana Tutul

When a sorcerer fall in love with an young yet arrogant CEO , she was determined to make him his at any cost . But, even after making several attempts , she failed to wn his heart . As a result , the heart breaking sorcerer cursed him , every time he would sleep ,he would find his true love in a dif... more info

Story about: love mystery, love romance kiss, magic and powers

Ongoing: 17 Jan 13 pages
193 7 2

Rating: 1

#227 in Romance
#39 in Romantic suspense
#152 in Fantasy
#48 in Romantic fantasy

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