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The Sorcerer

Dot Writer

Nero is a powerful sorcerer in one world and the other he just a teenager in high school. He friends with a cat name Scott . Kyle isn't normal, she friends with a fairies and her brothers, are investing a case of the missing Star of the Fairy. Only to find her in a house with her captures.... more info

Story about: magic, adventure, magical creatures

Ongoing: 18 Sep 50 pages
424 2 11

Rating: 0

#34 in Contemporary fiction
#19 in Humor
#92 in Fantasy
#8 in Epic fantasy


The Witch of No Space

Marcus Craed

Nauwhrin is an old and powerful witch that has travelled across many realms, shrouded in mystery and rumours, known as a lone witch who answers to no one but himself. When he wakes up from a 3 week coma in a strange place, things start taking an unforeseen turn, more than three hundred years after t... more info

Story about: magical creatures, witches and magick, dark fantasy adventure

Ongoing: 17 Sep 22 pages
126 4 5

Rating: 1

#82 in Fantasy
#15 in Dark fantasy
#12 in Action fantasy

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