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Mwy #0: How It Started: Diary


No prologues, no epilogues. It just...... started.... more info

Text includes: diary, memories, mwy

In progress: 19 Jan 3 pages
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Overall Rating: 2

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#3 at Short stories
#26 at Romance
#4 at Inspiration romance


Mwy Extra: In Your Eyes


Love - a beautiful word. Is love always beautiful? Is it something that even the strongest sword cannot pierce or even the strongest bullet cannot penetrate? What if your forbidden was forbidden by the world itself? Would you still go on? Or would you just move on? This is not a perfect sto... more info

Text includes: mwy, memories, extra

Full text 5 pages
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Overall Rating: 4

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#1 at Short stories
#6 at Romance
#2 at Contemporary Romance


Mwy #1: Memories Lost


What if one day you wake up and you can’t remember who is the person asking you “what happened?”? What if one day you were asked “do you remember me?” but you don’t? What will you do? Will you just stare at that person blankly? Will you just say “are you serious?” and act as ... more info

Text includes: lost, memories, remember

In progress: 11 Jan 12 pages
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Overall Rating: 9

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#8 at Romance
#1 at Inspiration romance
#3 at Mystery

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