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Andrea's Curse


Andrea never imagines that one day the man of her love Daniel will cheat on her and worst leave her side just because she has insecurities to herself. Little did Daniel knew that one day he would regret why he left Andrea and by then would see her meet someone she never had imagined would change her... more info

Text includes: mystery supernatural, romance and mystery, equality

In progress: 09 Mar 19 pages
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Overall Rating: 2

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#18 at Fantasy
#11 at Romantic fantasy
#7 at Mystery
#3 at Romantic mystery


Lǐwù and the teardrop stone


Lǐwù is in the forest near his home gathering herbs, when he comes across a young lady barely alive who gives him a strange stone and asks him to hide it.... more info

Text includes: fantasy, mystery supernatural

Full text 29 pages
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Overall Rating: 1

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#59 at Fantasy
#11 at Dark fantasy
#37 at Mystery
#16 at Supernaturals

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