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Dead Poet's Secrets


Every poet has secrets. And I was about to tell you mine.... more info

Text includes: poetry, prose, poems

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Out of Love: A Poem Book


Dear "Intersection Love", From the first time I laid my eyes upon you until the day we were apart, I have fallen into this deep and beautiful soul that you possess. Although I tried to push the 'Amnesia' button, it's as if the universe doesn't agree with me. Although I tried to resist loving you ... more info

Text includes: love, poems, heartbreak

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#3 at Short stories
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Things that I kept Things that appeared in my dreams I just want someone to take a peek in my wanderland.... more info

Text includes: poems, quotes, poetry

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Faceless. Stories of none

Aillin Ai

Are you scared? Inside this damaged world we are along Lonely, helpless, defeated. How come we do not see the light anymore?... more info

Text includes: poems, philosophy, feelings

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