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Nasra Masimba

A young man who struggled for a better life but he fails to get. And suddenly he got a savior who was his friend at college but unfortunately he jumped to the golden car and drop in collecting of stones.... more info

Story about: regret, mystery, friendship

Ongoing: 17 Sep 4 pages
124 21 11

Rating: 6

#29 in Contemporary fiction
#35 in Mystery


A Forgotten Promise


“Don’t cry.” “Promise me that you’ll wait for me.” “I won’t be long.” Those were the last words I’ve heard from him before he went off to war. Then it was the cold white winter covered in snow. The snow melted and the flower bloomed, it was spring. The weather became increasi... more info

Story about: romance, tragedy, regret

Ongoing: 24 Sep 3 pages
18 6 0

Rating: 0

#140 in Romance
#9 in LGBT

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