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JA Renwrite

Robina is a 90th century zombie. Her father buried her alive in order to save the people from his belief that his daughter may hurt them. He was a mad scientist to the point that he made his daughter to become his test object. Until it didn’t work and the result was far from what he wanted to be. ... more info

Story about: romance and comedy, romance mystery, romance and friendship

Ongoing: 06 Nov 2 pages
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Rating: 3

#1 in Mystery
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#22 in Romance
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An Artist's Intention


Saige Cassatt is a junior art student at island school, Hoarfrost University, with absolutely no idea what to do about her future and has since decided her talents were better left untapped. It was just a matter of graduating at that point. But when she accidentally witnesses transfer student, Yukio... more info

Story about: mental health, college mystery, romance mystery

Complete 218 pages
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Rating: 12

#270 in Young adult
#88 in New Adult & College
#181 in Mystery

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