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The iron claw in the velvet glove


A young man returns home after being away only to discover the woman he loves is no longer his dear girlfriend and his very life is soon in danger...... more info

Text includes: supernatural, fantay, romance

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Overall Rating: 1

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#33 at Fantasy
#6 at Dark fantasy
#16 at Short stories


The Boy In Black


A father and his son are involve in an Indigenous curse in which they have to fight in different ways to survive against a mysterious entity. ... more info

Text includes: mystery, supernatural, indigenous superstitions

In progress: 07 Jan 5 pages
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#25 at Thrillers & Suspense
#12 at Suspense
#29 at Short stories


Yè fēng and the cursed forest


One morning a group of people gather outside the Dragon's home, to inform him people have not been returning from the Northern forest, he decides to investigate only to be stopped by an inviable barrier. There is only one thing he can do, call upon an old friend for assistance.... more info

Text includes: fantay, supernatural

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#74 at Fantasy
#14 at Dark fantasy
#35 at Mystery
#9 at Supernaturals

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