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Two Minds

Naakaree griffits

Currently rewriting... Daddy Issues? CHECK, Mummy issues? CHECK, Low self-esteem? CHECK, Overthinking mind leading to insanity? CHECK Lizzy is your average teenager, not able to take a break from life's bad idea of a joke. Her life is hell and her parents are the demons of her prison. One ... more info

Story about: mental health, thriller romance, phsyco

Ongoing: 25 Feb 22 pages
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I am not a card


A blood moon suddenly appeared from the sky, lighting starts to struck any living creatures, oceans starts to flood the land, animals started to mutate turning them into monsters and humans received powers that it is believed to be a gift from God.... more info

Story about: romance, thriller romance, mystery romance

Ongoing: 09 Feb 5 pages
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