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The Girl Who Peek at my Window

Shelby Lines

It was just supposed to be a super fun and ordinary best friend days out. Well life is unpredictable that the turn of events is not what was expected.... more info

Text includes: horror, paranormal, thriller

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#25 at Mystery
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#15 at Thrillers & Suspense
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The Fall (the second Jupiter's Halo novel)

Andrew Bradbury

This is the second book of my series. For those who have read the first, this book tells the story of what happens on GS-114 from another side. It introduces new characters and answers some of the questions from the first novel. The plan is for both stories to come together in the third book, wh... more info

Text includes: thriller, action, space

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Overall Rating: 2

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#11 at Science fiction
#1 at Space opera


sun rise...sunset


an anthology that looks into the life of different characters. it explores the day in the life of each characters as they proceed towards the inevitable fate that unfolds toward their intertwining destiny that awaits them. ... more info

Text includes: thriller, urban life, action

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